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Daily Thunder Rumblings – 22 June 2017 (Draft Day Edition)

Welcome to Draft Day. Let the madness begin….. According to NewsOK, Sam Presti is the top draft day decision-maker in the league. Brett Dawson looks at what the Thunder may do with their pick based on recent draft history: “There’s

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Daily Thunder Rumblings – 20 June 2017

Happy Transformers Day to all (at least the early screening). Here are the rumblings for this Tuesday. Former Thunder scout Chuck Martin was hired by the University of South Carolina as an assistant coach. Ben Collins of SLAM Magazine asks

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Daily Thunder Rumblings – 13 June 2017

Here are the rumblings for Tuesday. He may have won a title, but Kevin Durant will never be able to escape his decision. Never change, Alex Trebek. Thank you, Jeopardy! Rumble visited Rohan Rajeev, a 14 year old Edmond kid who

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The Oklahoma City Thunder debut their new orange alternates

For years, Oklahoma City Thunder fans have been clamoring for an alternate uniform that featured more than a blue palette. Maybe something with a bright color to it, or an artistic rendition to the Thunder shield, or a play on

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The Three That Will Never Be: The Legacies of Scott Brooks, Kendrick Perkins, and Derek Fisher

As the Oklahoma City Thunder embark on a new season, some of the same things from the past still remains. First off, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, and Russell Westbrook should all be back and healthy. Secondly, the expectations of winning

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D-Day: Decision Day for the Oklahoma City Thunder and Enes Kanter

Why do people save money? There are usually two reasons why people save money. The first is to be prepared for an emergency. If the car breaks down or the air conditioner goes out, you have the funds necessary to

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Ten Prospects for the Thunder in the 2015 NBA Draft

After a disappointing 2014-15 season that was riddled with injuries, the Oklahoma City Thunder enter the 2015 NBA Draft with a sense of optimism. If Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka can remain relatively healthy next season, then this

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