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Episode 1 – The Sam Presti Appreciation Podcast– Some first time jitters and technical difficulties with this one. Don’t judge us solely on our first time (That can probably be said about many things in life). It gets better after this.

Episode 2 – Adapting to the Times

Episode 3 – The Thunder Award Show

Episode 4 – A New Hope

Episode 5 – Talking Terrance Ferguson with Will Crouch of Adelaide, Australia – First time doing a phone interview. Caller sounds a little low at the outset, but sound quality improves about halfway in.

Episode 6 – LeBron, Westbrook, and Colin Kaepernick

Episode 7 – So Good, Had To Do It Twice

Episode 8 – Schedule’s out, y’all!

Episode 9 – Space Jam For Life!

Episode 10 – My 3 Dragons

Episode 11 – The 2K Episode

Episode 12 – Who Said It?

Episode 13 – Rated PG

Episode 14 – We Got Carmelo Anthony!!!

Thunder Media Day (Player Interviews)

Episode 15 – Westbrook (finally!) signs his extension

Episode 16 – Preseason ball, All-Star Game changes, and Will Crouch

Episode 17 – Talking Shoes and Thunder with Travis Singleton

Episode 18 – Growing Pains

Episode 19 – Players’ Only Meeting

Episode 20 – Frustrations

Episode 21 – Talking Thunder and Marvel

Episode 22 – Refs, We Have A Problem

Episode 23 – Terrance Ferguson and Jordans

Episode 24 – Flawless Victory

Episode 25 – Get Well, Andre

Episode 26 – Quiet Trade Deadline

Episode 27 – All-Star Weekend

Episode 28 – The Unsuccessful Successful Week

Episode 29 – We’re Going Streaking!

Episode 30 – Letting It All Out

Episode 31 – Paul George and the Butterfly Effect

Episode 32 – A Disappointing Finale

Episode 33 – The Aftermath of the Finals