Thunder At A Glance: 24 September 2018

img_4063It’s the Thunder’s media day. Make sure you check back with NTTB and on my Twitter (@AlexRoig_NTTB) throughout the day for updates on media day.

The Thunder added a couple players to their training camp roster. Remember, they do have a roster spot open.

Shaun Powell ( looks at a season preview of the Oklahoma City Thunder: “The biggest upset of the offseason happened on the first day of ’17-18, when OKC sold itself as a better option for George than the Los Angeles Lakers. Pundits had George, an unrestricted free agent over the summer, headed to Los Angeles even before he played a game for OKC. What could be better than spending your career back home in the sunshine, playing next to LeBron James and — snickered the critics — escaping the suffocating shadow of Westbrook?”

Marcus White (NBCSports) on Kevin Durant following Russell Westbrook on Instagram: “It appears ex-Thunder teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are on better terms. Durant started following the Thunder point guard on Instagram on Saturday.”

Friend of the site, Stephen Dolan of Thunderous Intentions, says the Thunder are ready to get back to where they were before: “And that’s how it was for a while, until contracts began wasting away like candles burning too brightly, and Kevin Durant refused to give any of the truth that Russell Westbrook has become famous for. From 2015, when the season of KD’s pending free-agency began, until 2018, the summer of Paul George‘s commitment, and for all of Russell Westbrook’s potential free agencies and re-ups in between, this franchise has had not a moment of peace.”

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