NTTB Thunder Rumblings – 02 August 2018

Torrey Hart (Yahoo Sports) on Kevin Durant doing Kevin Durant things.

(Complete sidebar: I love Twitter, but sometimes, when famous people “mobilize their stans” it can get ridiculous and almost threatening. This girl put out a tweet, KD responded knowing his followers would attack, and now there are people trying to hack into her account and threatening her. For as much as Kevin Durant talks of his disdain for Donald Trump, he sure does follow his Twitter formula.)

Colin Ward-Henninger (CBS Sports) grades every team’s offseason, and he rates the Thunder pretty high.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe says these are the probable opening night games:

Adam Wells (Bleacher Report) on the story that Russell Westbrook has been working on his 3-point shooting: “He’s been working on it this summer, I’ve been told,” Young said. “That’s been a big-time offseason focus, we’ll see.”

Dave McMenamin (ESPN) on how LeBron James has felt about Paul George’s decision to stay in OKC: “As for George, James said he did not have “many” conversations about teaming up and that he supports his decision to stay in Oklahoma.”

Great excerpt from Steven Adams’ book about Reggie Jackson’s final season in OKC (via friend of the pod @ThunderChats):

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