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Thunder At A Glance – 17 September 2018

img_4063Grant Afseth (OKC Thunder Wire) looks at 6 adjustments the Thunder will need to make if Russell Westbrook misses any time in the regular season: “It’s important to note that many backup point guards are not used to shouldering a high usage rate but that isn’t the case with Schröder. He had a 30.5 percent usage rate last season and has had a usage rate above 27 percent for four consecutive seasons.”

A sneak peak at the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 University Reds (via Sneaker News). Continue reading Thunder At A Glance – 17 September 2018

NTTB Rumblings – 03 January 2018

Fred Katz (Norman Transcript) says the Thunder could end up with three of the league’s best defenders: “It’s rare that three teammates make the All-Defensive Team in the same season. The most recent trio to do it was Ben Wallace, Tayshaun Prince and Chauncey Billups of the 2005-06 Detroit Pistons. What could help the Thunder, though, is that the rest of the league is going right for them, too. Many of the usual All-Defensive candidates around the NBA have had some unfortunate luck.”

Heather Koontz (Thunderous Intentions) looks back at some of the giving the Thunder did during the holiday season.

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) says defense is limiting Alex Abrines’ effectiveness: “Abrines has remained a steady shooter for the Thunder, but his defensive deficiencies have become more apparent, to the point that it’s becoming difficult for coach Billy Donovan to keep him on the floor. In four of the past six games, Abrines has played 10 or fewer minutes.”

Dawson also reports that Andre Roberson will miss all 3 games of the upcoming road trip.

Erik Horne (NewsOK) looks at the year that was for Russell Westbrook: “Before his nine 3-point attempts against Milwaukee with George injured, Westbrook had averaged 1.9 per game in his last seven. The Thunder went 6-1 and Westbrook shot 55.5 percent from the field. “Russell was the MVP last year and he’s having to play different,” Thunder coach Billy Donovan said. “Carmelo, an incredible scorer and an elite player in this league for a long time, he’s had to change. Same thing for Paul, Patrick Patterson or any of these guys. Everybody’s had to change a little bit for the betterment of the team.”

The Jordan Fly Next shoes may actually be Russell Westbrook’s first signature shoe.

Paul George has no regrets about the “Lakers’ chatter” earlier this offseason.

Don’t forget to vote for all your favorite Thunder players for the All-Star game. Vote via Twitter and NBA.com.

NTTB Podcast (Episode 17) Talking Shoes and Thunder with Travis Singleton

IMG_4109On Episode 17 of the NTTB podcast, we spoke with Travis Singleton of SneakerReporter.com and discussed the following topics:

  • Sneakers (Jordan, Nike, Adidas)
  • Thunder season preview
  • NBA superlatives (MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive POY, Coach of the Year)
  • Thunder predictions
  • Twitter questions

Intro/Outro music provided by OSC Productions

Thank you for listening. We will be doing a podcast once a week. If you have any Thunder or NBA related questions, make sure you hit us up on Twitter (@alexroig_NTTB or @Montero_A13).

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Daily Thunder Rumblings – 18 September 2017


Fred Katz (Norman Transcript) writes about the importance of involuntary workouts for Thunder players: “These NBA involuntary workouts aren’t the same. Coaches are there. Players are around. People may call them “involuntary,” but they are without a doubt necessary. And the Thunder’s are mostly indistinguishable from the workouts you’d see if you walked into training camp. “We do a great job of keeping things consistent and predictable in that way,” Thunder forward Kyle Singler said. “It’s as demanding as a practice would be, which is great. I love that about the team. It’s a business mentally. We go in there for work, and we get our work done.”

Enes Kanter is not a fan of Minnesota’s new Statement jerseys.

Paul George is setting the bar high this season: “At the Nike NBA statement jersey reveal, George represented the Thunder and modeled the new jersey. Before the reveal, however, he talked with Dennis Scott of NBA TV about his goal to win MVP next season while also helping Westbrook.” Continue reading Daily Thunder Rumblings – 18 September 2017

NTTB Podcast (Episode 13) – Rated PG

IMG_4109On Episode 13 of the NTTB podcast, we discuss the following topics:

  • Westbrook signs extension…..with Jordan
  • Rob Hennigan returns to the Thunder front office
  • Player rankings
  • Twitter Questions
  • Statement jerseys
  • Northwest division preview

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Thank you for listening. We will be doing a podcast once a week. If you have any Thunder or NBA related questions, make sure you hit us up on Twitter (@alexroig_NTTB or @Montero_A13).

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Daily Thunder Rumblings – 13 September 2017


Westbrook signs an extension…….with Jordan brand: “After first signing a five-year endorsement deal in 2013, Westbrook has been positioned as the face of the brand and the annual Air Jordan model each subsequent season. During that stretch, he also elevated his game yearly as the franchise point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The shoe deal extension, negotiated by the Wasserman agency and Westbrook’s longtime agent, Thad Foucher, is in advance of the initial deal’s expiration next fall. The increased pay rate will retroactively apply to his 2016-17 MVP season, according to sources.”

Kevin Durant continues on his tour of passive aggressivity. Sad part is, I actually kind of like the new KD shoes.   Continue reading Daily Thunder Rumblings – 13 September 2017

Middle Ground

I can honestly say, I’ve never been a child of a divorced household. My parents were married before they had me and are still, to this day, married, and by all accounts, happily. I’ve seen some of my friends and other family members go through the whole divorce process as children, and, emotionally, it really does take its toll on them. Eventually, they all come out on the other side all right, but never quite the same. So, I’ve never felt that emotion of not knowing which parent I’m staying with or what parent I’m going to side with. That is, until October 10th, 2011.

NBA fans, we are now the children caught up in the middle of the divorce proceedings between the players’ union and the owners. Instead of worrying about which house we are going to stay in tonight, we are, instead, worrying about the next time we will occupy an arena to watch a regular season NBA game. The worst thing about it is knowing that we, as fans, are powerless to do anything. I mean, we can always put out tweets and facebook posts saying, “Don’t buy NBA merchandise. Hit ‘em where it hurts. #NBAdontcare, Yada, yada, yada.” Here’s the thing, though. That tough talk doesn’t mean shit. I hardly buy NBA gear as it is, because I’ve invested most of my disposable income on season tickets, gas to and from the arena (I live about 90 miles from OKC), and parking. There are a lot of people like me. We don’t buy NBA merchandise everyday. We buy it every once in a while, and its usually on sale. Our efforts won’t even put a dent in the NBA revenue stream.

But, what’s even worse than being in the middle of divorce proceedings? Its being in the middle of divorce proceedings twice in the past 12 years. In my less than 30 years of life, MLB has had one work stoppage, the NFL hasn’t had any, and the NBA is currently working on its 2nd work stoppage. This is ridiculous. And I have so much more invested this time around. Twelve years ago, I was a teenager watching Jordan win his last championship. There were whispers about a work stoppage, but I really didn’t care because my favorite team at the time, the Bulls, were going to be ripped apart by management. I had no dog in the fight during the last work stoppage because my favorite dog was retiring (MJ) and my favorite dog pound (da Bulls) was not going to be the same. This time around, though, I am civically connected to this team and this league. Its so much more than just about the players and the teams now. There’s a civil kinship that happens every time you step into that arena knowing that you are with at least 17000 of your “brother from another mother” family members. You develop relationships based on your visits to the arena. You develop connections; sometimes, life-long connections. From afar, you develop connections with the players, the coaches, the management, and the owners. This becomes part of your life; part of your routine. There’s hard-earned money involved. You know, money from people that actually could use that money for other things. But instead, choose to spend their time and money on entertainment. YOUR ENTERTAINMENT! And for all that, what do we get? Some half-assed “we let the fans down” bullshit speech on separate ends of the hotel from each party. One of my closest friends, who was a child of divorce, once told me “the hardest part was growing up in the middle, when the middle was empty.” We, fans, are currently in the middle, with the players on one end and the owners on the other end.

So we are stuck, in the middle, waiting for mommy and daddy to get back together. We know they will get back together, eventually, but the most difficult part is not knowing when. Most of us can’t contextualize what these guys are fighting about. Four billion dollars? Really, four billion dollars. To play a sport I can play in my driveway. And you guys want to bitch and moan about dividing up that pie. Really? They say there are stages of grief. I’ve seen some of these when it comes to divorcee kids. They usually start by being sad and depressed. But then, that sadness turns into anger and rebellion. In sports, there’s another word for rebellion. Its called apathy. And gentlemen, you really don’t want us to go there. Because the hardest thing for a parent to deal with, is a child who is ignoring you.