Thunder At A Glance – 17 September 2018

img_4063Grant Afseth (OKC Thunder Wire) looks at 6 adjustments the Thunder will need to make if Russell Westbrook misses any time in the regular season: “It’s important to note that many backup point guards are not used to shouldering a high usage rate but that isn’t the case with Schröder. He had a 30.5 percent usage rate last season and has had a usage rate above 27 percent for four consecutive seasons.”

A sneak peak at the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 University Reds (via Sneaker News).

Dr. Joshua Dines (Forbes) looks at whether the Thunder should be worried about Westbrook’s latest ailment: “Although it hasn’t yet been specified, this arthroscopic procedure most likely involved removing loose or fraying cartilage. Given Westbrook’s previous surgeries, it is likely that he has already had some cartilage damage. The analogy I use with patients is to Imagine paint chipping off a wall. Once it begins, it is easier for more paint to come off. To prevent the situation from worsening, it is best to remove the paint chips (debridement) and smooth over the entire wall to prevent further damage from occurring. The same principles apply to an arthroscopic cleanup of cartilage.”

Paul George attended the Fresno State vs. UCLA game this past weekend. It hasn’t been a good couple of days for bragging rights for Russell Westbrook.

EuroHoops looks at Dennis Schröder leading Germany to the FIBA World Cup while keeping his national team’s record unblemished: “Schroder was amazing with 30 points and 13 assists in 42 minutes of action, a performance that wasn’t overshadowed by his seven turnovers and 1/9 threes. Robin Benzing added 24 points and Kleber had 13 points.”

Here are all of Schröder’s assists for that game against Isreal.


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