Daily Thunder Rumblings – 13 September 2017


Westbrook signs an extension…….with Jordan brand: “After first signing a five-year endorsement deal in 2013, Westbrook has been positioned as the face of the brand and the annual Air Jordan model each subsequent season. During that stretch, he also elevated his game yearly as the franchise point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The shoe deal extension, negotiated by the Wasserman agency and Westbrook’s longtime agent, Thad Foucher, is in advance of the initial deal’s expiration next fall. The increased pay rate will retroactively apply to his 2016-17 MVP season, according to sources.”

Kevin Durant continues on his tour of passive aggressivity. Sad part is, I actually kind of like the new KD shoes.  

Nick Gallo with a great piece on Patrick Patterson: “This past July, Patterson was a free agent, scouring his options on the open market, trying to pinpoint where he would fit the best. He assessed his talents, his standing as a veteran in the league and the teams who had the opportunity to sign him. Most importantly, he looked to the people, and to the place where he’ll be spending his time for a large portion of the year. He chose Donovan and Oklahoma City. “I’m a country boy, I’m from the south, so this is basically home to me out here,” Patterson said. “The only thing that really matters to me is being in an environment that I see people as my family. I see people as my friends and I just have fun, and that’s basically what I see out here in Oklahoma.”

All the stylings of a fashion maven.

Brett Dawson on how Westbrook’s Jordan extension may affect another extension: “But with such a valuable shoe deal, Durant can afford to sign short-term team contracts and still have peace of mind that he’ll be among the NBA’s richest players, while giving himself the flexibility of not locking into a long-term deal with a franchise. With the Jordan contract, Westbrook – who also endorses True Religion apparel and Mountain Dew – has that same luxury. Having it doesn’t mean he’ll follow Durant’s path.”

Westbrook is a Dallas Cowboys fan. So, of course, he would anything to help his team win. Anything!

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