Daily Thunder Rumblings – 18 September 2017


Fred Katz (Norman Transcript) writes about the importance of involuntary workouts for Thunder players: “These NBA involuntary workouts aren’t the same. Coaches are there. Players are around. People may call them “involuntary,” but they are without a doubt necessary. And the Thunder’s are mostly indistinguishable from the workouts you’d see if you walked into training camp. “We do a great job of keeping things consistent and predictable in that way,” Thunder forward Kyle Singler said. “It’s as demanding as a practice would be, which is great. I love that about the team. It’s a business mentally. We go in there for work, and we get our work done.”

Enes Kanter is not a fan of Minnesota’s new Statement jerseys.

Paul George is setting the bar high this season: “At the Nike NBA statement jersey reveal, George represented the Thunder and modeled the new jersey. Before the reveal, however, he talked with Dennis Scott of NBA TV about his goal to win MVP next season while also helping Westbrook.”

Nick DePaula talks to Brett Dawson of the Oklahoman about Westbrook’s shoe deal: “In terms of the timeline, an off-court shoe can come together in as much as eight to 12 months, eight to 14 months, just because you’re kind of putting some panels together and there’s not as much tech. When you’re dealing with an on-court shoe — and of all the players in the league, Russ is one of the most particular. Even last year, his shoe was heavily modified from what was at retail just based on his preferences. It won’t be this season. I think it’ll take at least 12 to 18 months.”

So many things about Kevin Durant are confirmed in this series of tweets:

Brett Dawson looks at Kanter’s journey this summer and how he’s become increasingly political in aspects of his personal life: “That incident ignited Kanter’s political spark. He took advantage to speak out more than ever before against the Turkish government and president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and it’s led to something of a social-consciousness snowball. “Whenever I have an interview, they don’t ask me basketball questions anymore,” Kanter said Sunday after the camp. “They ask me politics, they ask me (about) some problems in America — racism and sexism, whatever. But I’m ready for all these questions. I study hard.”

Erik Horne (NewsOK) looks at the expectations for Steven Adams as his extension kicks in: “Adams doesn’t seem bothered by the expectations of being a $100 million dollar man in the middle of the Thunder’s starting lineup, but Year 5 for him in Oklahoma City will have a different feel. “There’s much bigger things we have to do and worry about other than ‘oh I’m getting paid this much, I have to shoot this much,’ or whatever it is,” Adams said when asked if his increased salary factors into his personal expectations. “Everyone’s goal is the main goal. You have to make any sort of sacrifice, anything you have to do for the team.”

Kanter on improving his physique this offseason.

John Gonzalez (The Ringer) defends tanking as the NBA heads to a lottery reform vote: “Today, there’s less obvious impetus to overhaul the lottery system then there was back then. The Sixers are no longer tanking, and Hinkie was sacrificed in the process of the Process—a warning to future general managers not to get any bright ideas about extreme rebuilding maneuvers. The Bulls and Hawks are rebooting, for example, but they took care not to completely Hulk-smash the reset button to pieces while doing so. In a league where the Warriors are so far above everyone else, who can blame them? Evidently, Silver and the competition committee can.”

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