Thunder At A Glance – 18 September 2018

img_4063Nick Gallo ( on Steven Adams being the Thunder’s center of gravity: “The same can be said of the Thunder big man’s impact on the defensive side of the ball. With precise and deliberate communication and quick feet, Adams helps guards stay in front of the ball in pick and roll coverage. He can even switch out to the three-point line when it’s necessary or there’s a good matchup. With each successive year, the force that Adams brings to the team continues to grow, and that consistent improvement is why he’s become one of the most essential players on the Thunder’s roster and one of the very best centers in the NBA.”

Erik Horne (NewsOK) on the Blue’s acquisition of KJ McDaniels: “G-League contracts are with the league, not with the parent teams. McDaniels currently doesn’t have an NBA contract, but if he were to enter into a G League contract, the Blue, not the Thunder, would own his rights. The Blue would also own McDaniels’ rights if he were to play overseas, then return and sign a G League contract.”

Jeff Siegel (Forbes) on the salary cap projections: “It has to be noted at the beginning of any conversation about the 2020 salary cap that the league office has been notoriously inaccurate in their financial projections more than one year in advance. As one can imagine, predicting how all thirty teams will spend their available money over the next two years is nearly impossible, to say nothing of projecting Basketball Related Income between now and July 2020. This specific increase in the projection could be any number of things, but one particular revenue stream stands out: sports gambling.”

Cody Taylor (OKC Thunder Wire) on Terrance Ferguson’s uncertainty about participating in this season’s dunk contest: “The second-year guard made an appearance at the Police Athletic League’s after school program on Thursday at Willow Brook Elementary School and said he isn’t sure if he will try to compete in the event this season.”

Erik Horne (NewsOK) talks to retiring city manager Jim Couch about the city’s path to getting an NBA franchise: “It wasn’t strategic, I’ll tell you that. … Mayor (Mick) Cornett visited the NBA offices several times. He visited the NHL. He sat down with (then NBA commissioner) David Stern and said ‘We’re open and available. We’re got an arena.’ The commissioner said, ‘Thanks for coming by. You’re a great mayor and things are great in Oklahoma City. Good luck at getting an NHL team, because you’re not going to get an NBA team.’ This was about 2004, 2005.”


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