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Thunder At A Glance – 11 September 2018

img_4063Erik Horne (NewsOK) with a preview of what could be the Thunder’s new City edition jerseys: “On Monday, Red Earth – a non-profit which promotes the traditions of American Indian arts and cultures – posted photos of the new uniforms on its Twitter page. Those photos are accurate, The Oklahoman learned.”

Horne (NewsOK) on Team USA selecting Bryce Alford of the Oklahoma City Blue to play on the USA World Cup Qualifying Team: “The FIBA World Cup Qualifying games are used to qualify nations that will compete in the 2019 FIBA World Cup in China, as well as seven nations to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Coached by former NBA head coach Jeff Van Gundy, the team will begin the second round of qualifying on Sept. 14 against Uruguay in Las Vegas, then play Panama on Sept. 17 in Panama City.” Continue reading Thunder At A Glance – 11 September 2018

NTTB Rank: 20-16


It’s that time of year again. With about 35 days until the season starts, it’s time to start ranking players. Sports Illustrated has started their Top 100 list. ESPN has followed suit. But ranking 100 players is just too much for me. Especially, since I mainly just focus on one team.

I’ve decided to do an Oklahoma City Thunder players ranking based on the 20 or so players that are currently involved with the franchise. This first installment will look at players ranked 16-20. These will likely be a combination of training camp invitees, 2-way players, and/or under-performing veterans.

20. Unsigned Training Camp Invitee

Technically, the Thunder still have one more spot available for their 20 man training camp roster. There are still plenty of unsigned free agents looking for a chance to make a roster. For every run of the mill training camp invite that ends up getting cut, you sometimes ends up with a player like Lance Thomas that works on his game and takes advantage of the training camp opportunity to earn a roster spot. Continue reading NTTB Rank: 20-16

Daily Thunder Rumblings – 12 September 2017


Russell Westbrook was on the Jimmy Fallon Show last night and it was awesome.

A chronology of Paul George’s recent history with the Pacers that led him to this point. I don’t think Thunder fans will like the end of the timeline, though.

Lottery reform is on the agenda again, and the Thunder have a history of pushing back against any proposed lottery reform: “In 2014, Presti lobbied against lottery reform which would have given all 30 teams an equal chance at the first pick, citing how such a system could hurt organizations in small markets. ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported at the time that NBA owners voted 17-13 in favor of lottery reform then. The league needed 23 “yes” votes to pass the rule. The Thunder voted, no.”

Enes Kanter holding a camp for kids in Oklahoma City.

It’s from about 6 months ago, but this is an interesting read from training camp invitee Bryce Alford on the Player’s Tribune: “After almost four years here at UCLA, I like to think I haven’t let the haters bother me too much — I like to think that I’ve never cracked. There was one time, though. It was in a game my sophomore season. I can’t remember who we were playing, but we won. And — the strangest thing about it — I played fine, if not pretty well. At least I thought so. But as I was walking off the court, I heard a voice behind me.”

Daily Thunder Rumblings – 31 July 2017

img_4133-5Hello new week. Let’s get this thing going. Here is Monday’s edition of DTR…

The Thunder signed UCLA guard Bryce Alford. The deal is likely a training camp invite.

Russell Westbrook was rumored to be playing in the Drew League against former teammate James Harden. Instead, he was at Disney Land with his new teammate, Noah Westbrook: “Westbrook even brought baby Noah, who despite being a few months old has been a major part of the Westbrook family’s travels this offseason. Westbrook took his newborn son to Paris back in June. Westbrook was reportedly supposed to play in the Drew League on Sunday night against a team which featured Chris Paul and James Harden. If Westbrook has enough energy to play pickup basketball after a day at a hot amusement park, he truly has a non-stop motor.” Continue reading Daily Thunder Rumblings – 31 July 2017