Thunder At A Glance – 19 September 2018

img_4063David Aldridge ( with a status update on several players who were injured last season, including Andre Roberson: “The 26-year-old Roberson will be with the team when camp begins. He has been with the Thunder all summer and been on the floor doing drill work and shooting, though he is not yet cleared for either contact work or five on five play. The Thunder will obviously be conservative with him as he nears his return to play.”

Per the Thunder’s website, the team has entered into a 10-year partnership with OU Medicine: “As part of the agreement, OU Medicine will provide expertise and resources to help support the Thunder medical staff in creating elite conditions for player training, treatment and care. The two organizations will also work together on advocacy and public education to drive awareness on key health and wellness issues.”

Isiah Thomas gives us a hot take….and it may not be to many of ours liking:

Everybody knew Nina Westbrook was expecting. But here’s the kicker:

Jordan Buckamneer (Thunderous Intentions) on how the projected cap increase over the next two seasons could help the Thunder: “So what does this mean for the OKC Thunder? Any inflation to the salary cap is good news, seeing as how deep Sam Presti dipped into the budget this year. Oklahoma City is on the hook for $146,159,699 in player salaries this year with 14 players on the roster and a pair of two-way contracts.”

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