Thunder At A Glance – 07 September 2018

img_4063Nick Gallo ( talks about Dennis Schroder’s journey to the NBA: “Dennis always heard that when people pass away, family and friends around them sometimes do things they regret. He aimed to not fall down that path. As a result, he dove headfirst into basketball, relying on his coach Calin to help him develop a mindset and tenacity to help him not just overcome his slight frame, but to amplify his talents when he shot up to 6-foot-1.”

Patrick Patterson discusses using Mueller Sports Medicine products in this paid ad on Sports Illustrated: “These experiences with injury helped him push through recovery from knee surgery a year ago, just as he was set to begin the regular season with a new team. “I was nervous at first because I’ve never had any kind of knee issues before,” Patterson discloses. “But thankfully, with the great team I have around me, we were able to find the best solution and address the issue. Now I feel great.”

Bryan Kalbrosky (Hoops Hype) on Russell Westbrook’s success playing with other point guards in the same line-up: “During the 2015-16 season, Westbrook and 6-foot-tall guard DJ Augustin played 88 minutes together. The Thunder outscored opponents by 17.7 points per 100. Oklahoma City outscored opponents by 17.8 points per 100 during the 2013-14 season when Westbrook was on the court with Reggie Jackson.”

According to Reuters, Russell Westbrook is now playing quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Westbrook has now gone full circle in going back to playing in Seattle, after being drafted by Seattle (the Supersonics, that is): “Seattle’s defense is stronger with Thomas, and with ever-dangerous Russell Westbrook at quarterback the Seahawks could be vastly better than their 9-7 record in 2017.”

Colin McGowan (Real GM) on Paul George’s off-season: “Does this reveal anything interesting about George? Some might call it flightiness, but it’s not extraordinary for a person to have a dream job, work someplace else for a while and decide that—y’know what?—they’re happy and comfortable where they are. George intensely admires Westbrook. The Thunder are famous—infamous among the media—for zealously protecting their stars from criticism. George is reserved, to the point that he seems almost embarrassed sometimes, to constantly have a bouquet of microphones and recording devices hovering near his chin. It makes sense that he would find a home in a small market. Or it would make sense, anyway, if we hadn’t all spent the last year reading stories about how he was definitely going to be a Laker.”

Roger Mullins (STW Newpress) talks about the book “Boom Town” which mentions the Thunder’s appearance in Oklahoma City: “Process is a conceit that Anderson uses throughout his study. Sam Presti, GM of the Thunder, is emblematic of The Process, specifically as it applies to the team, and more broadly as it applied to the various machinations of the men that built the city over many decades. The process is more than optimism; it is guided determination with a specific goal. Do not veer from the process and greatness follows; deviation means a return to insignificance. Process, however, must contend also with the contrasting realities of Boom and Bust, both of which punctuate the city’s life, and thus the failed lessons of history come into play; victors (Boom) don’t pay attention to the past (Bust)”

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