Thunder At A Glance – 06 September 2018

img_4063Royce Young (ESPN) on Mo Cheek’s relationship with Russell Westbrook: “For Westbrook, it has always been about controlled chaos, like Pecos Bill trying to rope the cyclone. Cheeks is often the lasso, the intermediary between the method and the madness.”

Ryan Harris (Welcome To Loud City) on whether the Thunder’s bench improved enough: “Ideally, the Thunder would be able to rest Russell Westbrook and Paul George at the same time and not get killed. The additions to the bench over the offseason were nice, but the younger guys from last seasons squad need to take a step forward this year as well. Right now, it isn’t 100% clear who will start between Jerami Grant and Patrick Patterson. For this post, I’ll assume Patterson is on the bench, though I think both guys will get their opportunity to start.”

Ben Beecken (Dunking With Wolves) on Minnesota’s interest on free agent Corey Brewer: “Brewer is now 32 years old and remains a strangely decent player. He never figured out how to consistently make 3-pointers, although he hit a shocking 38.9 percent of corner threes in 18 games for the Thunder down the stretch last year.”

Russell Westbrook and CJ McCollum getting after it in that gym in New York. Jerami Grant is also present in the video.

Robby Kalland (UPROXX) on Terrance Ferguson promoting the new Under Armour HOVR Havocs: “It was my first year in the national championships when we first went to Under Armour, like out of nowhere, and I swear those shoes felt like bricks just to start off,” Ferguson said with a laugh. “It wasn’t the best-looking shoe, but over the years I swear I feel like they got better each and every year, and I have a lot of favorite Under Armour shoes, but by far, this has to be my favorite one, the HOVR Havoc. By far.”

Carlos Rosa-Rosa (El Nuevo Dia) on Tyler Davis seeking permission from the Thunder to participate on Puerto Rico’s National Team: (Translated from Spanish) Davis declined to participate in the third window in the summer, following his participation in the NCAA with Texas A & M University, to focus on his preparation for the Las Vegas Summer League with the New Jersey Nets. Davis debuted with the national team in 2017 at the AmeriCup Tournament held in Colombia. It is a valuable piece in the set.”

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