Daily Thunder Rumblings – 31 August 2017

img_4133-5End of the month. Man, August felt long. On to September and training camp. Here are the Rumblings.

Vegas has projected the Thunder to win 51.5 games. Here’s a rundown from NewsOK of the odds for the entire league.

The deadline to waive a player and use the stretch provision expires today. Brett Dawson says, “Don’t expect the Thunder to use it this season.”

GQ chronicled Westbrook and his dad sneakers: “Why not? Those might be Russell Westbrook’s favorite words, appended to most of the all-world guard’s Instagram posts. They explain his explosive on-court style (Why not slalom through five defenders?), and his off-court style, too. Why not wear an ab-bearing t-shirt? Why not wear overalls? Why not wear a pair of Nike Air Monarch IVs, the Swoosh’s famously ugly dad sneakers?”

8 Points,9 Seconds has a retort for Kevin Durant saying the Pacers gave Paul George away for nothing: “Maybe Durant was partying too much after winning the title and missed all that, but it was obvious the market for Paul George wasn’t as robust as it should have been. I get it is easy to pile on the Pacers right now, and in a lot of ways, rightly so, but this narrative of Kevin Pritchard giving away PG is flawed, to say the least.”

Steven Adams continues to show off his homeland to his Thunder brethren: “New Zealand’s highest-paid sportsman is touring Northland to show off his homeland to his US teammates. Steven Adams, the 24-year-old centre of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, was welcomed to the Treaty Grounds on Tuesday along with teammate and close friend Andre Roberson, assistant coach Andrew Johns, and their entourage.”

Enes Kanter with a message to his haters.

Former Thunder player Cameron Payne is going under the knife again for a broken foot: “And now, his injury issues have returned. They’re significant in that Payne underwent surgery in July 2016 to repair a Jones fracture in his right foot. He then suffered an acute fracture on the same bone in September 2016, though the Thunder’s official release at the time said the injuries were unrelated. The team called the initial injury a stress fracture and the second instance an impact fracture.”

Brayden Baine of Sir Charles In Charge says Sam Presti has recovered quite well after losing Kevin Durant: “The Thunder went from having one of the best duos in NBA history to just having a one man show with Russell Westbrook. Immediately, Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti went to work. There was only one question that everyone was asking Presti. What now? What are you going to do now that you just lost one of the best players in the league to one of the best teams in the league? Well looking back now, it seems like he had a backup plan for in case the worst happened. Se he went straight to work with that plan.”

Yahoo looked at the Top 25 under 25. In at No. 5, Steven Adams: “With Durant and Serge Ibaka gone, Adams also had to step forward as the backline captain of OKC’s defense. Individually, Adams’ defensive production won’t wow you — just over two combined blocks and steals per game, rim protection numbers that place him 42nd among 60 dudes to defend at least five shots per game at the rim, etc. But he always did the work, battling burly centers and hustling to stay connected to smaller guards on switches, finishing 11th in the league in shots contested.”

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