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How the Warriors may force LeBron James to Oklahoma City.

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I feel like I’m writing these types of articles at least once a week. Not that I’m complaining. There was once a time when the Oklahoma City Thunder weren’t even mentioned in the same breath when discussing names like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. But the Golden State Warriors have gone all Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on the NBA and flipped things upside down. In order to combat that, the big names of the game are figuring out, in order to compete against the Dubs, they will likely have to join forces together.

Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated is the premier basketball writer of his time. If there is a big story to tell, Jenkins is probably the one telling it. His stories are bits and pieces of not only the player, but also the people around said player. His articles are about as insider as they come; like a literal reality show. Don’t get him confused with Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Jenkins isn’t in the business to break news, he’s in it to the tell the story behind the breaking news.

When Jenkins speaks, it’s certainly not off the cuff. There is a lot of contexture behind his statements, especially when he says something that may be considered “breaking news”. He gets an insider’s view into a lot of the players’ lives, and with that, probably a lot of one on one time when the cameras aren’t on. Players tend to relax a little bit when the cameras aren’t focused on them. To say that Jenkins may “know” a player is probably understating it. Continue reading How the Warriors may force LeBron James to Oklahoma City.

Daily Thunder Rumblings – 02 August 2017


Hopefully everyone who got paid yesterday is rich in mind, body, and soul. Here are the Rumblings for Tuesday.

A look at how the Thunder stacks up against the rest of the West: “The biggest improvement the Oklahoma City Thunder will need to make is three-point shooting. Last season, the Thunder shot 32.6% from three. This will also change with George as he is a career 37% three point shooter. PG will demand the ball more this season than Victor Oladipo did last season, therefore taking away shots from below-average shooters like Andre Roberson. Defensively, the Thunder guarded the three moderately well. They held opponents to 35% shooting. However, their opponents shot 50% from the floor last season. Oklahoma City had trouble in the post. The loss of Serge Ibaka was troubling for the Thunder on the block. However, the addition of Patterson paired with Adams, should change that percentage easily.” Continue reading Daily Thunder Rumblings – 02 August 2017