Daily Thunder Rumblings – 28 August 2017


Well wishes for the people of Houston and Southeast Texas. Harvey hit harder than expected, but we will overcome as we always do. If you would like to help out, text 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross to help relief efforts. Here are the Rumblings.

Doug McDermott tell Nick Gallo of OKCThunder.com he is not content on just being a spot-up shooter: “The NBA is a league of “more”. More skills, more star players, more athleticism, more defense, more leadership, more shooting. Really, what every player and every team wants, for the most part, is more of everything. The more a player can do, the more worth they have to their team. The more a team can do, the higher they can climb in the standings. So that’s what Doug McDermott, and the Thunder, are determined to do. With the addition of Paul George, Patrick Patterson and Raymond Felton, the Thunder checked a lot of those aforementioned boxes with its swing-for-the-fences off-season. Filling in the seams of those big puzzle pieces that are inserted into the mix will be players like McDermott.”

Scott Brooks spoke to CSN MidAtlantic about the difficulties in keeping a good core together: “Before taking over as coach of the Wizards, Brooks spent seven years leading the Oklahoma City Thunder. They rose very quickly to reach the NBA Finals in 2012, his fourth season on the job. But not long after that their core was dismantled, first by the trade of James Harden to the Houston Rockets, a casualty of the salary cap. Last summer, one year after Brooks had been dismissed, OKC traded Serge Ibaka and saw Kevin Durant sign with the Golden State Warriors in free agency. That’s three very good players the Thunder had drafted and developed who left all in just a few years time.”

Thunderous Intentions breaks down Steven Adams in the post: “Last season, there were times that appeared to be the case. After Steven Adams’ coming out party during the playoffs, the 24-year old started the preseason with expectations of a dependable post-game. But, before long, it became clear that any expectations Adams would become an offensive hub by himself was premature by any standards. Head coach Billy Donovan regularly ran plays for Adams to develop a rhythm, especially at the start of the game. But, through all the experimentation, the result was clear; Adams is most effective as a niche player. Perhaps, the niche could develop into a part-time post-up game. But, Adams was most certainly not ready to live up to the mantle as a secondary star.”

It appears Kevin Durant was just as surprised by the Paul George trade as everyone else.

Former Thunder player Mitch McGary has picked up a new hobby: bowling: “After playing in just 20 games his second year, he was released by the Thunder before this season. McGary now is having fun in a sport that his mom, Valerie, competed in for more than 30 years. McGary is bowling in a sanctioned league, and after getting a refresher tutorial on the sport he grew up with in junior high, he rolled his first career 700 series two weeks ago. He scored a 703 in the Thursday Any Mixed League at Inman’s Bowling & Rec Center in Valparaiso. “I love it,” McGary said. “People are surprised I bowl pretty good.”

Berry Tramel says the Thunder gave up the least for a superstar player this summer: “Truth is, both Sam Presti and Tom Thibodeau made outstanding deals, getting superstars without giving up foundational players. Presti gave up the best player, Oladipo. I actually believe Oladipo still has star potential, but most people disagree with me. LaVine might have as much upside as Oladipo, but LaVine has much more downside. Dunn and Sabonis are in the same draft class, but Dunn clearly was the bigger disappointment. Sabonis showed more flashes of his potential, and big men are slower to develop.”

Brett Dawson looks at the bonding going on between Steven Adams and Billy Donovan: “As part of a party on a fishing boat, they watched as lines were cast and divers dove, producing lobster and blue cod and sea urchin that the passengers ate fresh out of the water. “I got skunked” as a fisherman, Donovan said in a Saturday phone interview with The Oklahoman from Wellington. “I sat there and watched. But I ate a lot of what was on the boat, I’ll tell you that.”

Tramel agrees with Durant’s stance to not visit the White House: “But this time, I agree with Durant. This isn’t politics. This is personal. When a person, be he pauper or president, refers to the “very fine people on both sides” of Charlottesville, debate has ended. Discussion is over. There are no “very fine people” on the side of racism. No “very fine people” marching with Neo-Nazis. That’s a defining act.”

How do you get Thunder fans triggered? Show them this article.

Or this one.

Paul George talks about this summer and his future: “I grew up there, I became a man there, a lot of obstacles I’ve overcame there, and they had my back,” George said. “I love Indiana. It’s a new chapter, a new start. I made a move that was best for myself and that was best for my family, and I’m happy for that move. We’ll see,” he continued, addressing the idea of joining the Lakers next season. “I’m a Thunder, and my job is to give them the best I have this year and see what happens after that.”


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