Daily Thunder Rumblings – 29 August 2017

img_4133-5Still feeling bad for Houston. Sending good vibes their way. Here are the Rumblings.

Former Thunder player Anthony Morrow was pulled over in Commerce, Ga, and had a less than pleasurable experience: “Next question out of his mouth is: ‘Are there any drugs or guns or large amounts of cash in this car?’ I’m like: ‘No, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke, I don’t do [any] of that’ He nods at my car, he says: ‘what’s that odor?’ I say: ‘That’s called a vape, it’s a vaporizer. You can buy it any store, it’s legal. It’s not even tobacco.’ OK, cool. He takes my registration and my license. He leaves, comes back. ‘Are you sure there’s nothing in this car that’s going to get you in trouble or get you, you know, in jail?’ Basically.”

Russell Westbrook offers a sneak-peak at some of the new Thunder Nike gear. 

More on Adams and Donovan bonding in New Zealand: “It’s fair to say that Oklahoma City Thunder basketball coach Billy Donovan now has a much better appreciation for what makes Steven Adams the unique NBA player that he is. There were plenty of familiar faces on the Thunder contingent who accompanied their 24-year-old Kiwi centre on his annual trip home to host his series of kids’ coaching camps in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland on Monday to wrap up another hugely successful visit down under.”

Adams on his future with New Zealand’s national team, the Tall Blacks: “Adams said he and Henare have a great relationship and has nothing but respect for the direction Henare’s taking the young Tall Blacks team in. “He’s an amazing coach and just a good fella. We’re really lucky to have him as a coach for the national team.” New Zealand recently finished fourth at the Asia Cup and Adams admitted he was impressed with what he saw.”

Great read from Melissa Rohlin of the San Antonio Express-News on Andre Roberson’s basketball journey: “Roberson’s father, John, distinctly remembers the anxiety he had felt that night. “There were a lot of people telling me that I was a bad father, that I was doing things the wrong way, and that I was making a mistake by letting him enter the draft instead of going back for his senior year,” said John, a former basketball player who spent 12 seasons in the CBA and overseas. But late in the first round, commissioner Stern leaned into the microphone and said those magical words: “With the 26th overall pick, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Andre Roberson.” That made him the first player from San Antonio drafted in the opening round since 1999.”

NBA 2K18 released the All-Time teams, and Raymond Felton made it onto Charlotte’s team: “Like, for instance, that Raymond Felton made it. It doesn’t make sense, but then it does, because what other point guard could replace him? Brevin Knight? Ehhh. DJ Augustin? He hated every second he played for them. Jeremy Lin? Absolutely not…well actually there’s a solid case since I’d argue he made a bigger impact in one season than Felton did in five…but I digress. Felton’s inclusion speaks more to the thin crop of good point guards that have played for Charlotte than anything else. He’s the reluctant pick that makes it by pure longevity alone.”

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