Daily Thunder Rumblings – 22 June 2017 (Draft Day Edition)


Welcome to Draft Day. Let the madness begin…..

According to NewsOK, Sam Presti is the top draft day decision-maker in the league.

Brett Dawson looks at what the Thunder may do with their pick based on recent draft history: “There’s a school of thought that the Thunder has enough young players, so it should be looking to trade for a veteran – or, at the very least, take an older rookie who’s closer to contributing. There’s the notion that you can’t have too many good young assets, and so OKC should take the most desirable player possible in the hopes of creating a trade down the road. There’s plenty of debate about what the Thunder should be looking for. A backup point guard? A shooting wing? One of the many available big men with upside?”

Jenni Carlson looks at how the superteam era may affect Westbrook’s future decisions: “The night of the first game of the NBA Finals, Russell Westbrook posted a video on Instagram of what he was watching — “Sister Act 2.” The day after the Finals went final, he shared a photo of his newborn, Noah, who was 1 month old and already looking like his pops. So, maybe the Thunder superstar wasn’t all that locked in on the NBA Playoffs. It’s understandable, of course. He has long said he doesn’t watch other teams, and with a baby in the house, his attention was even more divided.”

So Kevin Durant finally took out a full page ad to thank some people. SMH!

Russell Westbrook is taking to fatherhood like a fish in water.

Westbrook was nominated for four ESPY’s. Do your part and rock the vote!

Oklahoma City threw their hat into the Porzingis sweepstake. Apparently the Thunder didn’t have (offer) enough to sway the Knicks.

The NBA’s salary cap will reportedly be about $3 million less than what is originally thought to be. That will have ramifications throughout the entire league, especially on draft night: “The NBA notified teams in a memo on Wednesday that the projected salary cap will come in at $99 million, about $2 million less than estimates in April. In addition, the luxury tax has been lowered from $121 million to a projection of $119 million. This will squeeze some teams looking to create space to sign free agents when the negotiating period begins on July 1.”

Take a look at this team photo. The team could likely be very different after tomorrow.

Thunder Up and In Presti We Trust.

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