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Thunder Draft Options: Trade Partners

westbrook chandler
Layne Murdoch-NBAE/Getty

The Oklahoma City Thunder own the 21st pick in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft, which is due to take place on June 22nd. Players selected with that pick usually aren’t viewed upon as franchise changers. If a team hits on a star with the 21st pick, then good on their scouting department. For the most part, though, teams picking in this range are looking for cheap role players to fill out their roster.

But the thing about the draft is it’s not just about the players getting drafted. More than any other sport, the NBA draft turns into a sort of swap meet where teams wheel and deal on players and assets in an attempt to set themselves up for the future. For teams who may not have the clout to be aggressive during free agency, the draft presents a different avenue to better their team. Continue reading Thunder Draft Options: Trade Partners