Thunder At A Glance – 21 September 2018

img_4063Erik Horne (NewsOK) on who will decide who will start at power forward: “We have to let Billy make those decisions,” Presti said. “He’s in charge of what happens once the ball is tipped up and once we are competing. He makes all the decisions relative to what happens between the lines.”

Horne (NewsOK) on Presti talking about injury updates: “Presti added that he feels good that the Thunder will have both Westbrook and Roberson back at some point “relatively early in the year.” Westbrook underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee last week and is expected to be reevaluated in three weeks, one week before the Thunder tips off against Golden State in the regular-season opener Oct. 16.”

Rylan Stiles (Thunderous Intentions) on what should be a breakout year for Jerami Grant: “Well, the basic per game stats do not tell the entire story. For Grant, he did a lot of the dirty work, a job left behind by Nick Collison a few years ago when he went over the hill, eventually retiring this offseason. It took OKC a few years to find their next glue guy after Nick Collison stopped being able to play meaningful minutes. Jerami Grant fit this billing.”

Nick Gallo ( with a recap of Sam Presti’s media day presser: “The speed of everything is so much faster today,” Presti explained. “The opportunity for you to be able to adjust, adapt, make decisions in everything is shrunk. You also have to have a consistency of purpose to have an identity, so you can’t just shoot from the hip all the time because things have sped up around you. You have to still be efficient and that’s the biggest challenge.”

Friend of the NTTB Podcast, Travis Singleton aka SneakerReporter, may have some news on a veteran that may have been working out for the Thunder.

Guerin Emig (Tulsa Emig) on the potential for a further evolution from Westbrook: “The “Westbrook at 30” storyline isn’t just an excuse to re-examine his career. Presti initially downplayed the milestone Thursday, saying: “Players that are at his level, when we talk about regression or anything like that, we’re talking about going from being the MVP of the league or an All-NBA player, regressing as he gets older to small percentages from that. So now you’re talking about being an all-star level player. We’re starting at such a high bar.”

Oh, and from an unabashed Sooners fan (and possible new Cleveland Browns fan), enjoy. And let’s not forget:

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