NTTB Rumblings – 13 February 2018

img_4063Erik Horne (NewsOK) on the Thunder keeping Andre Roberson involved: “He’s been around in the background,” said Steven Adams, one of Roberson’s best friends on the team. “I know you guys don’t see him and stuff, but when we’re in, say the back of the stadium, he’s around all the time. It’s good, mate. He’s just doing his own thing, a little rehab. It’s a tough situation to be in, but he’s still keeping in happy spirits, good spirits.”

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) on the Thunder SG starter still being in flux: “I think that (fifth) spot, it could be different,” Donovan said. “I don’t want to say it’s going to be different night to night, but yeah, it could change in certain situations based on what’s best for our team.”

Brian Brinkley (KFOR) on Paul George’s charity work to help children facing difficult times: “Regardless of any illness they may have or situation they face, our Shadow Buddies let children know they are never alone, that they have a friend, a buddy,” said Marty Postlethwait, the CEO and founder of the Shadow Buddies Foundation. “Paul George faced fear and uncertainty with his mother’s stroke and understands that having a buddy provides comfort and something tangible that they could hold onto in that moment and even for a lifetime.”

Baxter Holmes (ESPN) on the NBA’s love of wine: “Anthony too went through a riesling phase, not long after he became intrigued by wine in 2007, back when he played for the Nuggets. He would soon begin vacationing at wine-rich regions around the globe. He’d stock up at a wine shop in Sacramento, savor early vintages of Dominus. He tried an ’86 Petrus, a vintage Bordeaux worth thousands of dollars, and, in his words, there was “no going back” — but then a friend persuaded him to give burgundies a chance, and though Anthony at first found them too intricate, he soon fell for those too. Now those varietals populate the six-bottle wine case Anthony lugs around the league.”

In light of the Cavs’ recent moves, Berry Tramel (NewsOK) looks at previous blockbuster deals involving players currently on the Thunder: “I can only think of only one trade deadline that trumps what the Cavs did last week. Seven seasons ago, two teams blew up their rosters. And the trade involved some people near and dear to your heart.”

Steven Adams on what Alex Abrines brings to the starting lineup (via Fred Katz):

Fred Katz (Norman Transcript) on Jerami Grant becoming an offensive aggressor: “It’s no secret that one reason Grant struggled to get to the line in the past was because of how he absorbed contact. The Thunder wing-turned-big-man would land in the most awkward of poses. And those actions still happen — just not as often.”

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