NTTB Rumblings – 24 January 2018

NowThatsThunderBasketball_SheriffBadge1Royce Young (ESPN) on Russell Westbrook’s reaction to Paul George being left off the All-Star team: “Guy leads the league in steals, competes every night, top two at his position. Don’t make any sense, regardless of anything else,” Westbrook, who was named to his seventh All-Star Game, said of George. “If you’re going by All-Stars, there are certain All-Stars in this league. Everybody’s not an All-Star. Just because you get voted in doesn’t mean you’re an All-Star. I just think it’s outrageous. But you know, it is what it is.”

Jimmy Do ( on several Thunder players participating in a wheelchair hoops event for the NBA’s Fit Week: “After skills drills and a nutrition lesson to rev up the athletes, Darden was ready to show her mettle on the hardwood. The pull of competition lit Darden like a caged animal waiting to be unleashed. “Being the only girl boosts me up because I’m going to show these boys up,” said Darden. Almost three years ago to the day, an early morning car accident in Woodward County sent Darden to the hospital with injuries that led her to be confined to a wheelchair.”

When you read this, remember OKC got the short end of the stick against Minnesota earlier this season on a game-winner that should have been nullified by an illegal screen. Things have a way of shaking out over an 82 game season.

Paul George makes Sport Illustrated’s All-Star snub list: “PG–13 is another casualty of the overloaded West. A shoo-in in the East, George likely finished behind the likes of Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green and LaMarcus Aldridge for a playoff spot. Unfortunately for George, his outstanding defense on the wing doesn’t make him a sexy pick for the game.”

Brian Lewis (NY Post) on Carmelo Anthony’s thoughts after not making the All-Star game for the first time in nine seasons: “It is what it is. Everybody can’t make it. They only pick seven guys,” Anthony said after Oklahoma City’s 109-108 win over the Nets. “No, I don’t think it’s any disappointment for me. Coming here I knew it would be a sacrifice. It would be a final sacrifice for me, this is part of that sacrifice. No hard feelings for me.”

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) on the Thunder giving Patrick Patterson the green light to shoot it from deep: “That lesson was reinforced in the NBA, the Thunder forward said Monday, and it’s stuck with him since. If there’s a shot available when Patterson takes a pass, he launches it. If there’s not, he quickly redirects the ball to a teammate. It’s a good skill to have. But it can be overused.”

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