Daily Thunder Rumblings – 20 September 2017


Kevin Durant initially had reservations after signing with the Warriors (a little on the NSFW side language-wise): “Take this story about the days after Durant decided to sign with the Warriors, a time when he was feeling the full brunt of the Internet’s fury about his perceived betrayal of Oklahoma. He and Kleiman were in China for a weeklong tour of the country sponsored by Nike Basketball, and the flak he was taking from people in Oklahoma City who had once professed deep affection for him was overwhelming. “To have so many people just say, ‘F$%# you,’ that really does it to you,” Durant tells me, still clearly anguished. “Because I truly had invested everything I had into the people I played for…. And for those people that I know and love and trust to turn their back on me after I was fully invested in them, it was just…more than I could take. I was upset.”

Erik Horne (NewsOK) on the Thunder’s reaction to Durant’s tweets: “The world wanted an answer for why Durant wanted out of Oklahoma City. It received one Saturday when Durant posted 40 words in two tweets in reply to a random fan question. On Tuesday at a technology conference in San Francisco, Durant apologized for those Thunder-centric tweets, calling them “childish,” calling himself “an idiot.” The Thunder’s response?”

Brett Dawson with an update on Patrick Patterson’s knee: “It’s been almost six weeks since Patterson had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to clean up an issue that gave him discomfort last season in Toronto. He’s still in the rehab process and “gradually feeling it get stronger every day,” he said Tuesday during an appearance at the Oklahoma State Fair. “Hopefully next week I’ll be right there with the team,” Patterson said. “But my main focus is to be 100 percent by the time the regular season rolls around.”

Durant’s “contrite” reaction to Twittergate: “The former Thunder star put himself in a messy social media situation this weekend when he explained via Twitter to a fan why he left Oklahoma City for the Golden State Warriors. There was a question as to whether or not the tweets were from Durant, but on Tuesday during a TechCrunch event in San Francisco, Durant sat on a panel, apologized, and copped to what he called “childish” and regretful behavior.”

Enes Kanter claps back at Durant:

Tony Heim (Thunderous Intentions) on if LeBron could choose Oklahoma City as a free destination to form a new Big 3: “Unlike the Lakers, Oklahoma City has solid, veteran role players: Andre Roberson the elite defender, Patrick Patterson the quintessential 3-and-D four and Steven Adams the enforcer. The cap situation is more rough than LA, but the addition of Westbrook/George’s Bird Rights helps the cause. Oklahoma City’s legitimate case begins and ends with that argument – they are established and LA is not. There is one hypothetical, however, that could push LeBron to OKC: Kevin Durant.”

A very interesting (and surprising) look at how much NBA players really take home from their salaries.

Vinson Cunningham (New Yorker) on Westbrook’s fashion sense: “The master of this accidental, organically developed form is Russell Westbrook, the N.B.A.’s reigning M.V.P., whose peacocking, frequently jokey sartorial displays are only amplified by his attitude toward the camera, and, really, toward the media at large: unstated but total scorn. When, last season, he showed up to a game against the Golden State Warriors dressed in a fluorescent photographer’s vest—a clear shot at his former teammate, Kevin Durant, who had taken up photography as a hobby—the visual joke was made funnier, and somewhat subtler, by the certainty that Westbrook would never admit that he’d made it.”

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