Daily Thunder Rumblings – 25 August 2017

img_4133-2Hello Friday. Nice to finally meet again. Here are the Rumblings…

So 2K released their All-Time teams for each team in the league, and the Thunder’s team was mostly filled with Sonics players (because of our current shared history). And, of course, Seattle Twitter had a field day with it.

Russell Westbrook has yet to sign his extension, but according to ESPN’s Royce Young, nothing has really changed and there isn’t really any urgency to worry yet: “The primary difference, and it could be key, is the years. The rules of the designated player extension stipulate a minimum of five years (with only a player option available for Year 5). Signing that deal would put Westbrook under contract until he’s 34 years old. If he waited until next summer, he could sign a two- or three-year deal, and hit free agency again at 31 or 32.”

Kevin Durant still wants to be Westbrook’s friend. It’s actually getting a little sad: “I don’t think we ever stopped being friends,” Durant told Simmons. “We just stopped talking — but I don’t think we stopped being friends.” Simmons asked if KD and Westbrook are speaking again. “Not talking, nah, but I mean, I don’t think any… there’s no problems,” Durant said. “But I don’t think we ever stopped being friends.”

Will Pennington interviewed Paul George’s high school coach for Daily Thunder. It’s a real good read: “He’s always been very conscientious of his teammates. His freshman year, he played on the freshman team that year, and I would sit right behind the bench. There were a few times when he’d come off the court, and sit down on the bench I would get up in his ear and tell him “Hey, don’t pass up that shot next time” or “You should drive it next time you catch it.” He always passed the ball, passed the ball, passed the ball. He would always say “yes sir!” get back out there, and throw it to his teammate. Finally one time I told him — I told him “Tomorrow after the game you are going to run twenty suicides.” He just looked at me.  Then I said, “But I’ll take one off for every point you score in this game today.”

Steven Adams was traded yesterday…..to the Canterbury Police Department for a couple police officers and a puppy.

Westbrook isn’t the only Thunder player who has a decision coming up for a contract extension. Doug McDermott also has some things to think about: “The Thunder employed three players eligible for such contracts heading into last season. They ended up signing center Steven Adams and shooting guard Victor Oladipo to four-year deals. They were unable to work an agreement with defensive stopper Andre Roberson. But McDermott isn’t the caliber of player Oladipo and Adams were last fall. Both were guaranteed starters heading into the year. McDermott is coming off a season when he averaged just below 20 minutes for the Thunder and saw himself shift in and out of coach Billy Donovan’s rotation.”

Apparently, Blazers fans didn’t like Raymond Felton that much: “It seemed like Felton’s time as a Trail Blazer was full of misfired passes, air balls, loudly clanging rims, balls slipping off his fingers out of bounds and his classic move: dribbling the ball off his foot. Instead of getting better on the court, he doubled down his defensiveness off it, ultimately inviting fans to confront him at his townhouse in the Pearl.”

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