Daily Thunder Rumblings – 21 August 2017

img_4133-5Let’s start things off right this week. Wait, why has the sun disappeared??? Here are the Rumblings for Monday.

Billy Donovan gave a coaching clinic this weekend and here are the highlights from it.

One of Sam Presti’s assistant GM’s, Michael Winger, has been offered the GM job for the Los Angeles Clippers: “Winger, a lawyer and salary cap expert, has been with the Thunder for seven seasons after coming over from the Cleveland Cavaliers and is one of the most well-respected young executives around the NBA. He would work directly under new Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank, who was recently hired into that position. The Clips have shaken up their front office this summer, promoting Frank and bringing in NBA legend Jerry West while sending Doc Rivers back to just a coaching role.”

Robert Mitchell of WTLC looks at Alex Abrines’ upcoming sophomore season: “Alex finished the season ranked 22nd in the league in three-point percentage. If we factor his shooting percentage from three after that night in New Orleans, he would have ranked 8th in the NBA, in front of Klay Thompson. His catch-and-shoot numbers? After that night in December, 67% of his shots were ‘catch and shoots’ and in those instances, he shot 43.6%. After the pivot, He shot 44.4% from the left corner, 43.5% from the right corner, and 41.3 from above the break. Like Russell said, “He can shoot the piss out the ball.”

Nick Collison was named best teammate by his peers at the NBA Voice Awards: “As the title of the awards state, they were voted on by the players. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Collison won this award for Oklahoma City. At any given moment the 36-year old can be seen coaching up a young player on the bench or dapping up teammates during timeouts. Simply put, he’s everything you want from a non-rotational player. Collison is returning for his tenth season in Oklahoma City and 14th year in the league. His best season came during the last iteration of the SuperSonics, when he averaged 9.8 points and 9.4 rebounds a game.”

Erik Horne interviewed Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated: “I kinda got this job about the time the Thunder got to Oklahoma City. For me, it was new and it was fresh. They were good, and I felt like I could get on the ground floor of something. Similar with LeBron, too. He went to Miami around the time I got this job, too. I remember feeling like LeBron and the Thunder – those are going to be two entities I’m going to try to cover the best I can. It’s a magazine, you can’t cover it all the time. I don’t cover it nearly as well as y’all do. But to parachute in and do a story every now and then, those were two entities I thought I needed to monitor pretty closely.”

The Los Angeles Lakers are being investigated for tampering after the Indiana Pacers filed a complaint to the NBA: “The NBA released a statement on Sunday saying that it was investigating alleged tampering violations by the Los Angeles Lakers in regard to Paul George. According to a report from Peter Vescey, Indiana filed a formal complaint with the NBA claiming the Lakers had impermissible contact with George while he was still a member of the Pacers. Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson is reportedly at the center of the probe, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelbourne.

Ex-Thunder player Anthony Morrow was in Oklahoma City this past weekend to attend a banquet: “It’s always great to come back and see old faces and the love that Oklahoma gave to me and my family.” The 31-year-old shooting guard is a free agent waiting for his next NBA opportunity. In the meantime, Morrow was more than happy to accept an invitation to March of Dimes’ Sports Headliner Award Banquet on Friday.”

Russell Westbrook nabbed a couple awards from the NBA’s Players Union’s Awards.

Apparently, Josh Huestis’ half-brother plays for the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer: “Soccer wasn’t always the focus for Dean. As he put it, he grew up in a basketball family. His half-brother, Josh Huestis, plays in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunder. At 6-foot-3, Dean stands out on a soccer field due to his size. When asked if he can dunk, Dean responded with a laugh, “Oh yeah.” Despite playing a lot of basketball growing up, Dean made the decision to focus on soccer.”

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