Daily Thunder Rumblings – 18 August 2017

img_4133-5Hello, Friday. Hopefully, it’s a payday for you. Here are the Rumblings.

Nick Gallo chronicled Paul George’s visit to Castaic Lake with Russell Westbrook and other members of the Thunder organization: “This day was very special,” George explained. “Everyone here had a wonderful time. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time, to push it out of its nest and hopefully let it take off and be something down the road. About an hour later, a sports car pulled into the parking lot near the west ramp of Castaic Lake. Fresh off of an airplane, Russell Westbrook had just cruised up the 405 to meet George at his event. A large contingent of Thunder players, coaches and staff who had attended a staff member’s wedding reception the night before had boarded a 6 a.m. flight out of Oklahoma City on Sunday morning, including the league’s reigning MVP. Per usual, the ever-punctual Westbrook was the first to make it from LAX to George’s event.”

If NBA Twitter had a Hall of Fame, Enes Kanter would be their first inductee:

Russell Westbrook is the early odds-on favorite to win the MVP this season: “The favorite to win NBA Most Valuable Player this season? Look no further than the reigning MVP. According to Bovada.lv online sports betting, Russell Westbrook is the very early favorite to win the 2017-18 MVP award at 7-to-2 odds. Golden State’s Kevin Durant, who was the MVP of the NBA Finals and won the leaguewide award with the Thunder in 2013-14, is second behind Westbrook at 9/2.”

Dom Flaim of WTLC (what’s up DT alum Bondom34) metrically looking at how Paul George fits with Russell Westbrook: “Again, we notice the effect George should have via perimeter spacing. Further, he added these numbers on higher-volume attempts and make percentages than Oladipo. Per NBA.com, George averaged 7.4 points-per-game on catch-and-shoot field goals at 43.6%, and 6.7 points for pull-up shots, and 42.2% for an overall effective field goal percentage of 53.6%. On lower percentages, Oladipo averaged fewer points in both categories (5.3 and 3.6 points respectively on 37.6% and 41.4 %) for an effective field goal percentage of 51%.”

Take a look at Westbrook’s offensive workload this past season (h/t @crumpledjumper).

Former Billy Donovan assistant, Donnie Jones, on his journey throughout the coaching ranks: “Jones, then a part-time (officially called restricted earnings) assistant coach at Florida, wanted to take the job at Winthrop. He talked to head coach Billy Donovan, who told him a full-time position awaited at Florida. Jones stayed and moved into that job. Gregg Marshall made that call again this spring. He needed an experienced coach to help with the move to the American Athletic Conference. He needed a recruiter to replace Heiar’s tireless efforts to restock the roster. He needed a veteran voice he could lean on as much he did on Jans during their nine seasons together.”

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