Daily Thunder Rumblings – 17 August 2017

img_4133-5My readers, you guys are awesome. Make sure you spread the word about the site. Here are the Rumblings:

Thunderous Intentions predicts Russell Westbrook’s 2K rating: “We can use last year as a measuring stick. Westbrook had a 93 rating last year and that was before the season he had. So this year, he deserves something in the ballpark of a 97 because LeBron James, who is well known to be the best player in league, has that rating. Westbrook was the best player this season, and that should grant him a 97. Westbrook showed that he was the complete player. He put up double digits in rebounds and assists along with averaging 30 points a game for the season. It all totaled up to averaging a triple-double for the season. Westbrook should be a straight up beast in this game, at least for this year.”

Paul George loves Indiana, but he will likely receive a little of the Kevin Durant treatment when he returns there on December 13th. 

Steven Adams will hold his series of annual basketball camps in his native New Zealand, joined along with some of his Thunder brethren: “This should be fun. Steven Adams is bringing his Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Billy Donovan with him to New Zealand next week for his annual series of basketball camps. Adams always entices a select few from the Thunder organisation to make the trip Down Under and help out with his coaching clinics which have become hugely popular since the Kiwi NBA star set them up as his way of giving back to the New Zealand hoops community. Thunder GM Sam Presti has made the trip out previously, and assistant coach Mark Bryant, who works closest with Adams on an individual basis, has been a regular visitor.”

Enes Kanter still does not have clearance to travel to Mexico: “Without a valid passport, he is unable to travel to another country other than Canada, which allows entry from U.S. residents who have a Green Card. There is no such agreement with Mexico. Kanter could receive a re-entry permit, a special document issued to citizens of other countries whose passports have been canceled for reasons the U.S. government deems unsuitable. The permit would allow Kanter to leave the U.S. for another country, such as Mexico, and still return. And the plan is for Kanter to acquire one before OKC’s game in Mexico City. Still, he is yet to receive a re-entry permit, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. There is, however, still ample time for that process to complete.”

Welcome To Loud City looks at different stats and whether they will rise or fall this upcoming season.

Dakari Johnson working to find his fit in the NBA: “Later that day, Johnson laughs about the play, one of several that had him bringing the ball upcourt during his week in Orlando, where he also finished as the tournament’s second-leading scorer. “That’s definitely by design,” Johnson said of his ball-handling responsibilities. “Coach Mark (Daigneault, head coach of both Oklahoma City’s Summer League team and their G League affiliate, the Blue) always puts me in good places to make plays with the ball in my hands. If the open man is there I’m going to do my best to pass it to him.”

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