Daily Thunder Rumblings – 11 August 2017

img_4133-5Hello, Friday. It feels like it’s been a week since we last talked. Here are the Rumblings:

Berry Tramel looks at the Sonics/Thunder franchise records, especially the scoring record: “The Thunder, of course, once were the Seattle SuperSonics. And the Sonics had quite the history before relocating to OKC. Payton. Jack Sikma. Downtown Freddie Brown. Gus Williams. Shawn Kemp. Dale Ellis. Xavier McDaniel. Lots of great players over the years. When a franchise moves, there’s always debate about what to do with the history. Leave it in the original city? Take it with you? The answer is easy. The emotional stuff, you leave behind. The colors, the retired jerseys, the trophies, you leave behind. Oklahoma City shouldn’t and doesn’t care that Sikma’s 43 is retired. If Dakari Johnson wants to wear No. 43, let him.”

Kevin Durant talks about the combination of Russell Westbrook and Paul George: “But they got Russ and PG and Steven Adams to be their Big 3. I think if they feed off each other, it could be great. I’m a fan of the game. So I can see if something is going to work or not and I think that’s going to be a really, really great pairing. It’s going to suck for us and the rest of the league. But as a fan of the game, it’s going to be tight to see how they work that thing out.”

The NBA releases their opening day and Christmas Day schedule, and the Thunder are featured on both: “The Thunder is scheduled to open the season at home Oct. 19 against the New York Knicks (7 p.m., TNT). The Thunder will also play on Dec. 25 for the eighth consecutive season, hosting Chris Paul, James Harden, and the new-look Houston Rockets on Christmas Day at 7 p.m. on ABC. It’ll be the Thunder’s fifth time hosting a Christmas Day game in 10 seasons. Since 2010, the Thunder is 4-3 in Christmas Day games (3-1 at home, 1-2 on the road). The Thunder played in 30 nationally-televised games last season.”

Russell Westbrook will be releasing a book….on fashion.

There was an award for Oklahoma Sports Headliner of the Year. I’ll give you one guess who won it.

Lee Jenkins thinks the Thunder will be the 2nd best team in the West.

Brett Dawson speaks with Tim Bontemps about the Paul George trade: ““I don’t think anyone thought they wanted to stand pat. I think the question was whether they had the pieces to make a big move like this. Obviously with Paul George, there were some extenuating circumstances, and they were able to pull off a trade that still … I was talking to somebody today, and it’s still is just shocking to most people around the league.”

As a Game of Thrones fan….this! A million times this! Maybe he can be the new leader of the Dothraki.

Alex Abrines is ready to play a bigger role this upcoming season: “Early in the year, Abrines struggled to find his groove, but really showed what he is capable of as a contributor starting with an 18-point explosion against New Orleans on Dec. 21. He proceeded to score in double figures in four of the next five games, exhibiting his abilities as a catch-and-shoot weapon. “It took me like a month to figure it out and get comfortable with it,” Abrines began, “but during the rest of the season, I think I did a really good job understanding the way they play, the way the coaches wanted me to play.”


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