Daily Thunder Rumblings – 07 August 2017

img_4133-5Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays. Here are the Rumblings….

Episode 6 of the NTTB podcast is up. You should give it a listen.

David Scott of Ridiculous Upside looks at Daniel Hamilton possibly being Oklahoma City’s next great sharpshooter: “Oklahoma City has longtime been lack of a dedicated deep shooter since the exit of Anthony Morrow. Therefore, a skilled outside offense-man coming out of their very own development team would be both efficient and something to brag about for the organization. They currently boast Doug McDermott and Alex Abrines who have already stood out to be improvements in OKC’s outside shooting efficiency, so hopefully fans of the Thunder can expect to see a change of momentum from outside this season. No matter the turnout, it will still he interesting to see how the Thunder’s young team turns out with the addition of Dakari Johnson, Terrance Ferguson, and now the sophomore, Daniel Hamilton.”

Senator Jim Inhofe says Kevin Durant is welcome back in Oklahoma. Senator Inhofe… TMZ…What is going on???? 

According to Nicholas Gonzalez of Sir Charles In Charge, Oklahoma City fans should be excited about Terrance Ferguson: “Ferguson was a highly coveted and talented High School recruit. He had offers from numerous big Division 1 programs, including Kansas. T-Ferg, which is what I call him, elected to go the Australian route. Statistically, he wasn’t anything insane. He played 30 games in Australia and averaged 5/1/1 in 15 minutes per game. Not horrible, but nothing crazy, which is why he might have dropped out of the lottery. However, though, Ferguson was a beast in High School, hence why he was so coveted. Ferguson went to Advanced Preparatory Academy in Dallas, TX. Terrance was considered the 17th overall best player in this graduation class, so even back then people thought he was an NBA talent.”

Get to know Daniel Hamilton a little.

Hugo Kitano of Golden State of Mind looks at the Thunder as threats to the Warriors: “Despite the probability that George is a one-year rental, this was a no-brainer deal. First, they gave up barely any assets. Victor Oladipo is a decent starter, but his bloated four-year, $84 million contract makes his value uncertain. Domantis Sabonis is an intriguing but raw second-year big, a bench player for the near future. These two are not adequate compensation in a blockbuster trade for a superstar. Second, a lot can happen in one year: if the Thunder play well this season, they’ll have a higher chance of bringing back both Westbrook and George next offseason. So, this season is absolutely crucial to the future of their franchise.”

Paul George tried to play in the Drew League playoffs, but couldn’t because he didn’t play in any of the regular season games.

Paul George has brought stroke awareness onto the court: “Nike has made a concerted effort to outfit players with shoes that have individual meaning. Paul George is included, with a version of his shoe that has particularly special significance. On Twitter, George put out an all-call for fans to send him photos of the best customized versions of his PG1 shoe, and the the American Heart Association may have posted the best. AHA sent photos of the AHA Red PG1 FAST customs, along with the caption “Because every 40 seconds someone in the US suffers a stroke.”

The Thunder helping the community through reading and Saving Our Youth (SOY) midnight basketball.

Fred Katz of the Norman Transcript sat down for an interview with Enes Kanter.

Nick Gallo on Raymond Felton’s upbringing and how that relates to the Thunder: “When he suits up for the Thunder this fall, he’ll don his seventh professional jersey, the one in which he hopes to fill that final void in his career: an NBA Championship. When players of Felton’s tenure assess their station in the NBA at the end of every regular season, often their priorities shift in one direction: where is the best opportunity for postseason success? “Being a 12-year guy, you just want to put yourself in a situation where you’re going to win,” Felton said. “Put yourself in a situation where you’ve got a chance to try to play for something special, and that’s to win a ring. That’s always been a goal of mine, always been a dream of mine.”

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