The Terrance Ferguson press conference

Terrance Ferguson had his introductory press conference today at the CHK Boathouse. While you could notice his youthful nervousness, Ferguson had an air of confidence about him that will likely fit in well with this team. Here are a couple highlights from the presser.

On what Ferguson can bring to the Thunder

​​​​On what Oklahoma means to him and what the journey to get to where he is now means to him

On what it was like when he heard his name on draft night

On whether he knew he was being picked by the Thunder, on what he can bring to the Thunder, and on what he learned while playing overseas.

​​Billy Donovan’s assessment of Terrance Ferguson

​​On what the most difficult thing was during his time overseas.

​​On who he has tailored his game after

​Ferguson explains his past tweets, saying Curry is Team UnderArmour (his shoe brand), so he would cheer him on in the past. Also, on what adjustments he has to make.

​Jersey presentation. No. 23!

Donovan with a very thorough explanation on what the organization liked about Ferguson (great stuff from Coach Donovan)

​On his draft night experience and why he picked No. 23

​On what Oklahoma means to him and what he appreciates about his basketball journey

​​​Ferguson on playing at the Chesapeake Energy Arena

​On what he can do for the Thunder now, what he needs to work on, and who has reached out to him since he got drafted

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