Durant out for the season with another broken bone in his foot

durant thunder

And the hits keep on coming. According to one of my sources, Kevin Durant suffered another broken bone in his foot. That bone could be the one the screw was rubbing against for weeks on in, while playing. For all intents and purposes, though, Durant will likely be sidelined for the rest of the season, to include the playoffs.

It was about a week ago that Thunder coach Scott Brooks announced Durant would likely be back within a week or two. But a week into that timeline, it became apparent that Durant wasn’t progressing as he should be. He wasn’t practicing with the team and he was still experiencing soreness after his individual workouts. While soreness is always to be expected when coming back from surgery, this soreness was reminiscent of the pain he was feeling before the screw was replaced. As Thunder GM Sam Presti reported today, Durant will be out indefinitely and will be removed from all basketball activities.


Never been a writer. Probably will never be a writer. But always a fan.

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2 comments on “Durant out for the season with another broken bone in his foot
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