Thunder At A Glance – 10 December 2018

img_4063Another week gone by. Another Weekly released by the Topic: Thunder Podcast crew where we discuss the three-game road trip, possible Khris Middleton trades, the current debacle in Houston, and look forward to an upcoming 4-game slate against Western Conference playoff contenders.

Erik Horne (NewsOK) on the Thunder hosting their 11th annual Holiday Assist: “A young, bespectacled boy named Cody Hardee dangled off the front of the shopping cart as the Thunder center pushed along from the electronics section to toys and then back. It didn’t take long for Adams to know who was in charge. He was happy to help.”

Horne (NewsOK) on Paul George marveling at Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray: “George said he couldn’t imagine playing two professional sports, claiming he was terrible at everything but basketball. “I love sports,” George said. “I’m just not a great bowler, not a great baseball player.”

Bobby Chancellor and Dom Flaim (Welcome To Loud City) on whether Jerami Grant is actually a good defender: “As someone who’s been a fairly vocal critic of Grant, I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen from him this year, and he looks to me to be genuinely improved. Per, he’s holding opponents to over 11% below their expected field goal percentage on shots defended within 6 feet of the rim, and per-minute is contesting more 2 point attempts per game than all rotation players other than Adams, Noel, and shockingly, Abrines.”Gerog

Dan Feldman (Yahoo Sports) on Terrance Ferguson saying he would still choose the overseas route over college: “I still think I would’ve went overseas. It was about basketball, but it was about having financial stability for my family, especially out of high school. And there’s no taxes out of there, so can’t go wrong with that.(Ferguson declined to share his salary in Australia, but we can confirm it was higher than the G League’s select contracts.)”

Lawrence George (Thunderous Intentions) on the realization that Russell Westbrook will never get the respect he deserves: “PG’s performance was one for the ages but its amazing that Russ’ monster triple-double was a secondary story. Russ’ “intentional” stat-padding is a narrative that continues to be pushed throughout the media like a sad, low-hanging fruit joke.”

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