Thunder At A Glance – 09 November 2018

img_4063Dylan Huntzinger of the Topic: Thunder Podcast gives you the recap of the Thunder’s win over the Rockets.

Erik Horne (NewsOK) looks back on the Thunder’s 7th victory in a row: “Teams like the Rockets and Warriors will more than certainly finish the season with more 3-pointers made and better field goal percentages than the often-off-shooting Thunder. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a team that makes the Rockets and Warriors grimace more than the Thunder, who pushed its winning streak to seven games and swept a back-to-back for the second time this season with relative ease.”

Nick Gallo ( says defense was the key in last night’s victory: “Ferguson’s quick feet, length and boundless energy spread all over the court tonight as he closed off driving lanes, circled back into plays for a massive block at the rim, plus another steal. He was decisive and certain in his movements, and in particular his jump shots. Left open by a sagging Rockets defense, Ferguson nailed 4-of-9 three-point shots on his way to a season-high 14 points.”

Russell Westbrook, professional coach

Cody Taylor (OKC Thunder Wire) on Charles Barkley’s kind words about some of our bench players: “Dennis Schroder is a good player, like all NBA players are good players, but to me, he might be the best backup point guard in the NBA,” Barkley said. “He understands his role. … Sam Presti did a fantastic job. The kid [Hamidou] Diallo from Kentucky can play, but the biggest pickup, in my opinion, is that kid [Nerlens] Noel. … That kid is a rebounding machine.”

Steven Adams looks like basketball’s version of Jack Skellington here


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