Thunder At A Glance – 03 October 2018

img_4063Guess what, Thunder fans???? It’s Game Day!!!!!

Chris Munch (OKC Thunder Wire) on what could have been if Carmelo Anthony would have stayed: “While this might be the politically correct way answer to the question, P.G.’s belief that Melo was a positive on their roster is an interesting thought given all the advanced analytics saying otherwise.”

Grant Afseth (OKC Thunder Wire) on the Thunder’s transition this preseason from Russell Westbrook to Dennis Schroder: “His ability just to read the different screens, and not just read them but set up his man, if that makes sense,” Adams said. “It’s a big difference that I notice in guards that know how to use pick-and-rolls.”

Zach Lowe (ESPN) ranked the Thunder 15th in his League Pass rankings: “But you can’t deny the visceral thrill of Russell Westbrook flying down court, unconcerned with his bodily safety or those three defenders between him and the basket. Paul George is, of course, a boss. There is a delightful dissonance between the softness of Steven Adams’ floater and his titanium body. He is also a nightly threat to become the first player ever to grab 20 offensive rebounds and zero defensive rebounds in the same game.”

Clay Horning (Norman Transcript) on Dennis Schröder developing quick chemistry with the Thunder: “We can all [see it,],” Patterson said. “His ability to get into the paint off the pick and roll, his ability to find Steven or Jeremy or myself off roll or off pick and pop, his ability to get by his man and the little scoop for the layup.”

Erik Horne (NewsOK) sees big things for Paul George this season: “What is unquestionable now, however, is George and Westbrook functioning as the primary offensive cogs in a system that aspires to be faster. George and Westbrook were the two leading scorers for the Thunder last season, but occasionally, George would have a quarter where he’d inexplicably get one shot attempt as the Thunder stumbled for its identity during an 8-12 start.”

Nick Gallo ( with a preview of tonight’s Pistons’ game: “Pace as an NBA term is overhyped, which is why the Thunder is using “tempo” to describe how it wants to get back in transition and build a wall of arms, then conversely play with assertive, quick decision-making on offense. Building towards that and showing progress in that regard would be a rewarding outcome against the Pistons compared to the scoreboard.”

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