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Thunder At A Glance – 02 October 2018

img_4063Dan Favale and Adam Fromal (Bleacher Report) look at the top 15 point guards in the league: “But we’d be remiss to gloss over Westbrook’s most glaring wart. And it ain’t his defense. His effort waxes and wanes. Whatever. That happens to high-usage lifelines. His penchant for errant off-the-dribble jumpers is more damning.”

Grant Afseth (OKC Thunder Wire) looks at if Paul George can regain his mid-range efficiency: “Last season, George’s output on mid-range jumpers within the half-court dropped to only 0.65 points per possession. His efficiency ranked 14th in the league compared to the 15 players that logged at least 200 attempts. The main difference was that George went from shooting on average 2.6-of-5.5 (47.1 percent) on two-point pull-ups in 2016-17 to 1.3-of-3.6 (36.2 percent) last season.” Continue reading Thunder At A Glance – 02 October 2018