Thunder At A Glance – 29 August 2018

img_4063Cody Taylor (OKC Thunder Wire) on the Thunder having three of the highest salaries in the league: “The Thunder are among seven teams with three players that are inside the top 50 in salary for the 2018-19 season, including the Celtics, Rockets, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, Raptors and Wizards.”

Anath Pandian (24/7 Sports) interviews Enes Kanter: “Yeah, because I remember from Day 1, not just the whole [Thunder] organization, but the people here, the fans, it was like home for me. Because I did not have a home.”

Stephen Dolan (Thunderous Intentions) on the Thunder’s connection to a possible shooting coach: “So, the question has to be asked. Why, when the Thunder follow the Spurs as their spirit animal in almost every way, have they departed from them in this? Why, when their entire draft strategy depends on the ability to teach players to shoot, have they depended on Darko Rajakovic and others, whose expertise it is not.”

Ronald Agers (Lake Show Life) on Paul George not bowing down at the throne of the Lakers: “Really dude? I see that you wanted to stay in OKC. No issue there. But don’t try and gas your ego and throw the Lakers under the bus. Prolong it?! A whole let’s say 24 hours was too long to show respect? Yeah sure. I’m sure the Lakers got over it when they signed LeBron James.”

Hamish McNeilly (Stuff NZ) on how Steven Adams uses his long hair to his advantage: “One had asked Adams how sweaty his hair got during NBA games. The Oklahoma City Thunder player confirmed it got very sweaty and “it is real gross”. “It whips them in the eye and they get really mad,” he said.”

Luke Adams (Yardbarker) on the advantages of waiving Kyle Singler: “Three factors are working against Singler and making him a prime release candidate. For one, he fell out of Oklahoma City’s rotation entirely in 2017/18, appearing in just 12 games and playing only 59 total minutes for the season. Secondly, he’s essentially on an expiring contract, since his $5.3MM+ salary for 2019/20 is non-guaranteed. And finally, the Thunder currently have the largest projected tax bill in the NBA, meaning waiving Singler could create substantial immediate savings for the franchise.”

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