NTTB Thunder Rumblings – 16 August 2018

img_4063Lawrence George (Thunderous Intentions) on why the Vegas odds differ from those of ESPN’s Kevin Pelton: “Westgate lines from Vegas and Pelton’s projections tell two different stories. Vegas expect Oklahoma City to improve while KP predicts the Thunder to be the same or slightly worse despite trading Anthony and acquiring a number of young assets.”

Brian Mazique (Forbes) on Russell Westbrook’s 2K rating: “This just might be the most accurate representation of Westbrook we’ve seen in any sports video game. Previous years, we’ve seen some questionable renders surface for Westbrook, but this one is probably the benchmark. Westbrook is coming off his second straight season averaging a triple-double.”

Brandy McDonell (NewsOK) on Russell Westbrook’s upcoming 3rd annual “Why Not??” Comedy Show: “The “Why Not??” Comedy Show will feature a star-studded lineup of comedians, celebrities, professional athletes, corporate partners and the social set of Oklahoma, according to a news release. The show is open to attendees ages 18 and older.”

Russell Westbrook and Paul George projected to be among the top-30 candidates to win MVP this upcoming season.

Jordan Guskey (Indy Star) pointing out Victor Oladipo has better odds to win the MVP than Paul George: “The current Pacers star’s odds, according to Bovada, are 100/1, while the former Pacers star’s odds are 125/1. George now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, as you may have heard, and signed a long-term extension this summer.”

Ben Francis (News Hub) on Steven Adams’ footwear and on constantly getting asked questions about the Tall Blacks: “Adams refused to say when he’ll make himself available for the Tall Blacks.He said he doesn’t why there has been so much interest about when he’ll play for his country. “Don’t make it about me – these players are going out there and playing, make it about them.”


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