NTTB Thunder Rumblings – 18 July 2018 looks back at the lighter side of having a professional team in town: “I was told, ‘GO, GO, GO’ along with hand gestures waving me to start running and I was gone! I remember the crowd cheering as I ran across the court and the pure excitement for a few seconds before I turned the corner and the excitement turned to panic. When I stopped and turned around, expecting to see the other six Storm Chasers holding their flags, there was no one! I was afraid that the Storm Chaser behind me fell and everyone fell over each other. That was not the case.”

Noah Schulte (Thunderous Intentions) looks at the unique weapon the Thunder got in Deonte Burton: “So when he finally got his chance to play in front of NBA scouts during Summer League, he took full advantage of it, averaging 10.6 points per game, 5.8 rebounds, and 3 assists on 59 percent shooting and even hitting a huge game winner. This came after the OKC Thunder signed him to a two-way deal and punctuated why the franchise made the offer.” chronicles the opening of Nina Westbrook’s boutique, The Little Ark OKC: “Russell is known for his daring outfit choices off the court. But when it comes to his coordinating ‘fits with his wife or the way they dress their fashion forward one-year-old, Noah, the Westbrook family serves us looks on the daily. Nina is expressing her love for fashion by opening her own children’s boutique, The Little Ark OKC, which had a soft opening on July 14 and official opening on July 16.”

Nick Petraccione (Montana Sports) interviews Josh Huestis, where he talks about his life growing up in Montana.

Clay Horning (Norman Transcript) on what Russell Westbrook may be thinking now: “We’ve seen him come off the floor joyous and happy, offering postgame interviews with the TV folks that come with similes so big, we’re reminded that for all of the money, pomp and circumstance of the NBA, it’s still grown men playing a kids’ game. Yet, we’ve also seen him become a monosyllabic machine of non-answers the moment he takes exception to a single question.”

According to Chris Sheridan, Westbrook is on the fence about joining Team USA this summer.



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