NTTB Thunder Rumblings – 13 July 2018


Shout-out to NTTB co-host Anthony Montero (@Montero_A13) who celebrates a birthday today. Y’all send him some birthday love via the Twitter.

Erik Horne (NewsOK) recaps the Thunder’s 92-85 loss to the Grizzlies in the summer league playoffs: “Hamilton after halftime. The 2016 second-rounder was particularly good in the third quarter, probing in the halfcourt and initiating the fast break with good decisions for five assists. Hamilton committed just two turnover after halftime, his pace and decisiveness in transition helping the Thunder surge back in the second half.”

Nick Gallo ( chronicles Devon Hall in summer league: “We feel like we know him really, really well,” Dawkins said. “He’s a guy that was an All-ACC defender. He’s a guy who improved his shooting every single year he was in college, attempts and accuracy. He’s able to play on the ball, off the ball. We’re interested in seeing him just kind of get on the floor and just fit in with our other wings and have a chance to play there.”

Barry Jackson (Miami Herald) looks at a possible Carmelo Anthony trade to Miami: ““For many of these other mentioned destinations, I don’t think it would work out because he’s a guy who still lives in a world where he’s an elite scorer, where he’s a centerpiece, or at least he’s a guy that gets regular touches down the floor,” Elhassan said this week during a game at Thomas & Mack Center.”

Matty Breisch (Section 215) says the Thunder won the Jerami Grant trade: “After spending his first two years in the league as a rangy small forward in Philly, the Thunder transitioned the then-third year forward into the paint, and quietly developed him into one of the better defensive power forwards in the league. Though he’s a bit slight for a true power forward at only 6-foot-8, 210 pounds, and lacks a polished offensive game of a true two-way player, Grant’s defensive dominance has surely transitioned into his new position, and he now finds himself one of the most athletic players in the league at the four spot.”

Daniel Massop (Nylon Calculator) looks at whether Russell Westbrook’s ball dominance hurts the Thunder: “Since Westbrook’s large share of the Thunder offense appears to not be all that much of a problem in a vacuum, the next step is to actually evaluate Westbrook’s production as compared to his usage. The following is offensive rating by usage rate for all players with more than 10 minutes played per game with at least 30 percent of their team’s assists while on the floor. Basically, this is all of the high assist players with a significant amount of minutes. The data for this graph can be found here.”

Michael Walton (Yahoo Sports) on the possibility of Chicago getting involved in the Melo trade: “Anthony’s discussions with other teams have likely been about what his role would be when he becomes available. So far this list has included contending teams like the Rockets, and teams looking to stay relevant like the Heat. The Bulls are of course nowhere on his radar, but they have a few contracts that could make a deal worthwhile for Oklahoma City, while still being beneficial to the Bulls.”

Kyle Newport (Bleacher Report) says Clint Capela wants that Steven Adams money: “’s Tim MacMahon reported Tuesday that Houston’s initial offer is in the ballpark of four years and $60 million. Meanwhile, Capela, per MacMahon, is looking for a deal in the range of $100 million over four years, which would be similar to Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams’ contract.”

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