Daily Thunder Rumblings – 19 Oct 2017


It’s GameDay. Finally!

Royce Young (ESPN) on Paul George having to re-live his own gruesome injury after the Hayward broken ankle: “If there’s one player who understands what Gordon Hayward is going through, it’s Paul George. The Oklahoma City Thunder star said seeing Hayward’s devastating injury Tuesday night made him “nauseous.”

Marc Stein (New York Times) on who really convinced Carmelo Anthony to accept OKC as a destination: “My son said he wanted me to play for O.K.C.,” Anthony said. “Even before O.K.C. was in the picture.’’ Anthony proudly told that story on Tuesday afternoon after practice, lounging on a comfortable courtside bench while watching his son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, who is 10, work on his one-on-one moves against some Thunder staffers and, for a few minutes, Westbrook himself.”

Caroline Vandergriff (FoxNews25) on the Thunder opening up the Thunder experience to sensory-sensitive fans: “The atmosphere inside Chesapeake Arena is electric when the Thunder hits the court, but sometimes that energy can be overwhelming for fans living with autism, PTSD, Parkinson’s, or early onset dementia. “Whether it’s kids or adults who may be challenged by the noise or the commotion, there are opportunities and solutions to provide a better experience for those fans,” said Brian Byrnes, senior vice president of sales & marketing for the Thunder.”

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) on what to expect after Westbrook’s historic season last year: “I think last season, as much as it was a physical accomplishment I thought it was more of a mental accomplishment,” Thunder general manager Sam Presti said. “But when you have someone with the mentality of, whose slogan is, “Why not?” then I guess they live that on a daily basis.” Now, the central question turns from “Why Not?” to “What Next?”

Brett Dawson on Carmelo Anthony being a born scorer: “When five weeks of grueling workouts were up, Smith said, Anthony boarded a plane to Las Vegas to catch the last weekend of the AAU season. “He hadn’t played in a game – outside of working out individually with me – in months,” Smith said. “He goes out in his first game and gets, like, 35 points. That’s just who he is.”

Jenni Carlson (NewsOK) say every Thunder fan should enjoy this season: “Winter is coming. I don’t say this to be a downer on the day of the season opener. This isn’t meant to poop on the party or rain on the parade. I like parties and parades. Rather, this is meant as a reminder. Enjoy the heck out of this.”

Stefan Bondy (Daily News) says Anthony ‘wants this game’ against the Knicks: “Immersed in disappointment and unprecedented losing, Carmelo Anthony maintained the same mantra his first two seasons under Phil Jackson: ‘Trust in Phil.’ Except Anthony felt the faith wasn’t reciprocated, and he gave up on the Knicks — just as they gave up on him. “I’m out here doing everything I can and I’m still getting stabbed in the back,” Anthony told reporters in OKC. “I’m not trusting in (Phil) anymore.”

Marc Berman (NY Post) on Enes Kanter’s return to OKC in his Knicks’ debut: “And his former Thunder teammates are ready to do battle Thursday in the Knicks’ season opener at Chesapeake Arena, where Kanter toiled for 2 ½ seasons. “Of course it’s going to be a little awkward and I’ll be nervous at the beginning,’’ Kanter said. “When the game starts I’ll feel way better. It’s going to be very emotional. I had an amazing time with those guys. I think it will be cheers. We’ll see.”

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