Daily Thunder Rumblings – 09 Oct 2017


Royce Young (ESPN) recaps the surprisingly close game between the Thunder and Melbourne United: “Their aggressiveness probably at times took us out of some rhythm and flow, which was good,” Billy Donovan said, “and us having to work through that was really important.” It has been a mild theme thus far in preseason as they work in two star pieces to play alongside Westbrook, who set a usage rate record last season en route to winning MVP. It’s also a bit of a touchy topic for Westbrook, as he tried to get in front of any conversation surrounding on-court chemistry issues or ragged offense on Saturday.”

Nick Metallinos (ESPN) looks at one of the players that impressed from Melbourne United: “I love talk like that,” he said. “We were always the underdog, we knew that coming in. They didn’t scout us, they didn’t know nothin’ about us, they didn’t respect us. We knew that and we made them respect us tonight.” Defensively Ware was tasked with the job of containing the explosive Westbrook, and played him close all game. Despite giving up five inches and about 25 pounds to the Oklahoma guard, Ware forced Westbrook into a couple of early turnovers, pulling the chair on him twice in the first quarter forcing him to fall to the ground.”

Westbrook’s attire after the game may have been a shot at an old teammate. 

Tamberlyn Richardson (Thunderous Intentions) looks at the “oh so spicy” scenarios of Russell Westbrook getting the West captaincy for the All-Star Game: “The bottom line is making Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant the top vote recipient would likely result in a Warriors heavy West team. And, that’s all fine and well, but don’t you want a little drama off the court as well as on it? Making Russell Westbrook the captain would achieve that. Russell Westbrook is the only 2-time consecutive All-Star MVP and the reigning regular season MVP, so the resume is there to warrant the selection.”

Erik Horne (NewsOK) on the process of the Big 3 building their chemistry: “Westbrook said despite limited minutes with the starters in the first two games, chemistry won’t be an issue. “I think one thing (that’s) key for everybody to know, especially you guys … you guys keep asking about the chemistry every damn day … we’re gonna get it together,” Westbrook said. “It’s a season-long thing. It’s not gonna happen overnight.”

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) on Carmelo Anthony having a “golden opportunity” in OKC: “Carmelo Anthony is one of the NBA’s all-time elite scorers, a 10-time All-Star. But Olympic Melo? He’s a legend, an international man of basketball mastery. “I think the Olympic Melo connotation comes into play when I’m surrounded by other great players where I can try to make the game a little bit easier for myself, for everybody else,” Anthony said. “I think that’s the Olympic Melo.”

Horne on the Thunder’s penchant for grabbing offensive rebounds still being present: “But in a game where the Thunder was up only five at halftime, in a season where the Thunder will experience a shift offensively with Anthony at power forward, Adams and Andre Roberson reminded the Chesapeake Energy Arena crowd the offensive rebounds didn’t walk out the door with Enes Kanter.”

Michael Lee (The Vertical) on Carmelo Anthony finally enjoying basketball again: “When he finally realized that leaving New York would be the only way he’d ever experience winning again, Anthony’s list of three desired trade destinations only included one Eastern Conference team. After months of waiting on the Houston Rockets and, to a lesser extent, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to rescue him, Anthony settled for the next-best option when Russell Westbrook and Paul George showed up in a dinghy and tossed out an orange and blue life preserver. Immediately, the Thunder became the most fascinating of several unexpected talent combinations following an offseason of unprecedented upheaval. Several stars moved around last summer but no other team is looking to combine three high-usage scorers – including two of the past five scoring champions – who are accustomed to rolling solo.”

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