Daily Thunder Rumblings – 02 Oct 2017


Prayers out to all the victims and families involved in the senseless mass shooting in Las Vegas. When will it end?

Royce Young (ESPN) on Russell Westbrook talking about signing his 5-year extension: “My focus never shifted. I mean, obviously I didn’t talk to you guys, so you guys were kind of making up your own assumptions, but my focus never changed. For me, you know, taking my time, family is the most important thing to me, and that’s what I was focused on. When it’s time to focus on basketball I do that, and that’s it.”

Royce Young (ESPN) on what Westbrook’s signing means to Paul George: “We’ve been on an unbelievable start right now, and for him to be committed here, it says a lot,” George said. “Not only in us pairing together, but just knowing what type of dude Russ is and his values and his beliefs and him being committed to this organization says a lot. And I’m one person that’s enjoying it here, so I think when that time comes, the decision will be easier to make for myself.”

Tim Bontemps (Washington Post) on what Westbrook’s extension means for Oklahoma City: “And with Westbrook locked in for the next five years, it seems a virtual certainty that Anthony will be back for the 2018-2019 season on a player option worth nearly $28 million. With both of them there, perhaps George will be convinced to stick around for the long term, as well. “Absolutely,” George said Saturday, when asked if Westbrook’s decision will impact his. “Absolutely.”

Mitch Lawrence (Forbes) on how the Westbrook extension has an affect around the league: “For now all eyes are on George, who will be watching Laker highlights regularly to see how prized rookie Lonzo Ball and second-year forward Brandon Ingram are progressing. Sam Amick of USAToday caught up with George the other day and asked if he places winning above the Lakers on his list of his priorities. “Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely,” he said. “Winning takes precedence over all of it. That’s the ultimate happiness. It’s not location. It’s not stardom. It’s not ‘where can I make the most money.’ It’s winning, and winning championships.”

Sam Penix (Clutch Points) on how Carmelo Anthony has been one of the most underrated players in NBA history: “His individual accomplishments are certainly hall-of-fame worthy, but what leads people to underrate him is the fact that he’s never won anything in the NBA. The furthest he’s gone in the playoffs were the Western Conference Finals in 2008-2009, after leading the Denver Nuggets to the #2 seed. But Anthony has only missed the playoffs four times in his career; each of the last four seasons, while playing on a talent-stricken Knicks team. He has always been the de facto #1 option on his teams; he played with an old Allen Iverson for a bit in Denver, and an aging and injury-prone Amar’e Stoudemire in New York. It’s safe to say he hasn’t received much help from his supporting casts, so the fact that he’s made the playoffs in over 70% of his seasons is quite impressive.”

JR Smith clowns Carmelo Anthony on his other fashion trend.

Erik Horne (NewsOK) on Semaj Christon’s showing at the Blue and White scrimmage: “Playing for the White Team alongside most of the Thunder’s rotation players, Christon played with urgency. The 6-foot-3 guard unofficially had seven points and six rebounds, scoring all of his points in a flurry in the first half, including back-to-back buckets on drives in which he absorbed contact.”

Horne on rookie Terrance Ferguson’s first live action with the Thunder: “Unlike Sabonis, Ferguson isn’t going to start for the Thunder. He may play more for the G-League Blue than the Thunder. But Donovan wants to put the 6-foot-7, 185-pounder in comfortable situations surrounded by veterans. It’s part of the reason why Ferguson was playing for the White Team, and looked comfortable in his role.”

Berry Tramel (NewsOK) on Westbrook doing exactly what he said he was going to do: “The thought that Westbrook could bolt on the same transporter Durant chose terrified Oklahomans, a scare we could have avoided if only we had believed Westbrook. He kept telling us, Oklahoma is where he wanted to be. That he was focusing on family and new fatherhood this summer, and that contract time would come. But we’re not quite as naive as we once were. Fool us once …”

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