Daily Thunder Rumblings – 14 September 2017


Rob Hennigan returns to the Thunder: “Hennigan worked for four seasons in the Thunder front office, ascending to assistant general manager before being hired by the Orlando Magic as general manager in 2012. Hennigan was fired in April after the Magic went 132-278 (.322) in five seasons.”

For those of us who thought we had two top-10 players, we were wrong according to Sports Illustrated.

Here is the beginning of the NTTB Ranking of Thunder players. 

Dakari Johnson and Daniel Hamilton doing some heavy lifting in the offseason: “Her face reddened when two unexpected visitors with big smiles and warm greetings joined her at the arts and crafts table in the playroom. Working on an art project, 15-year-old Nyah Brown was coating blue paint on a picture frame when Thunder teammates Dakari Johnson and Daniel Hamilton squeezed their respective 7-foot and 6-foot-7 frames beside her and reached for their own brushes. Johnson and Hamilton spent Tuesday afternoon delivering smiles and laughs in a surprise visit at INTEGRIS Children’s at Baptist Medical Center.”

Andre Roberson wants you to know it wasn’t he who warned Kanter not to take a picture with Durant.

Haley O’Shaughnessy of The Ringer looks at the potential future ramifications on the Thunder of Westbrook signing this lucrative extension with Jordan: “But for those wondering (or worrying) why Westbrook hasn’t already re-signed with the Thunder, this long-term, very secure, moolah-dripping deal has almost sour timing—especially for OKC faithful, who, as NewsOK’s Brett Dawson pointed out, will remember that Kevin Durant also earned that kind of financial security from Nike before leaving the franchise. Why hasn’t Westbrook signed, and does a new deal with Jordan Brand have anything to do with it?”

Westbrook still asks his mom for fashion advice.

When I say the words “retail is rebounding,” what is the first thing you think about? If you said Josh Huestis going for a rebound during summer league, you probably write for Forbes.


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