Daily Thunder Rumblings – 10 August 2017

It’s the day of Thor. Where’s my hammer? Here are the Rumblings.

Nooooooo!!!!!! We all knew this day would come, but it still feels weird: “Have the Thunder’s ’Stache Bros been reduced to an only child? That was the indication on Thursday, when one half of Oklahoma City’s mustachioed duo, Enes Kanter, posted a Twitter picture of teammate Steven Adams sporting a clean-shaven face (though still with his trademark long hair). Assuming it’s a current photo, Kanter is a solo Bro.”

It’s official: The Thunder will play in their first neutral site regular season game on foreign soil (not including Canada): “We’re excited to be asked to participate in the NBA Mexico City Games 2017 as the NBA expands its global reach,” Thunder general manager Sam Presti said in a statement. “As we enter only our 10th season of Thunder Basketball in Oklahoma City, we feel incredibly fortunate that our team and fan base will get to experience our first regular-season‎ game abroad.”

Crazy, not crazy scenario where the Thunder end up with Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.

In this climate, whenever a Thunder player releases a tweet like this, it usually causes a stir.

Well, dang, that was quick: “So after half a season, it seems Payne is already pushed out. If Dunn is the real deal, the effects of that trade become (somewhat) less harmful. The Bulls should be focusing on the development of Dunn, and may consider unloading Payne and Grant and bringing in a veteran to mentor him. They’ve already spent too many resources to land Payne, but that’s a sunk cost. They shouldn’t use up any more.”

David Scott of 16 Wins A Ring says Dakari Johnson is the big winner of the offseason: “To put it simply, this kid can ball. During the 2016–2017 regular season, Johnson started all 49 games he participated in, playing 29 minutes per game and averaging 18.5 points, 7.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.3 blocks. What’s even more impressive from his already boast-worthy stats is his incredible second season, which was his clutch factor during the Blue’s playoff run. The Blue were already in talks as being one of the most likely contenders for the championship, but Johnson’s gameplay defended the claims. With less than one additional minute per game than the regular season, Johnson showed his clutch factor, scoring 24.8 points and grabbing 10 rebounds per game.”

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