Russell Westbrook’s Face Mask Options

westbrook fish hooks

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sentence more exciting than, “Russell Westbrook will have to wear a mask.” The possibilities are boundless. I mean, we’re talking about a man that made colorful lens-less glasses popular. A man that once made a fashion statement out of a shirt with pictures of fish hooks. FISH HOOKS! Westbrook is the premier fashionista of the NBA. The Ruby Rhod of the league, if I dare say. He’s who Paris runs to when they want to introduce a new style to the urban market. So when the word gets out that Westbrook needs to add a new accessory to his on-court attire, it piques the interest of everyone on the basketball and fashion world.

Luckily, I have the inside track on the 5 different masks Westbrook is looking to choose from. Here are the options he is looking into:

1. Ol’ Faithful (The Basketball Mask)

NBA: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers

This is the easiest option to think of. Many a player, from LeBron to Kobe, have worn this mask to help protect against further facial injuries. This is the default mask. It allows plenty of room to breathe, won’t fog up, and protects what it needs to protect. It’s the missionary position of face masks. Westbrook may choose to wear this mask, but it’ll be out of spite to the populace (especially the media).

2. The Christian Grey


With the success that is “50 Shades of Grey”, is it any wonder that Westbrook would even consider this type of mask? I mean, this man tries to stay ahead of the curve in fashion. Why not in pleasurable deviancy, also? It doesn’t do much for protection, but maybe it helps Westbrook in other areas of his life. I think there’s about a 0.00005% chance of him wearing something like this, but if he does, it’ll be featured in the next episode of Inside Stuff.

3. The Phantom

blank mask

What’s scarier than Russell Westbrook coming at you full speed with the ball in his hand? Russell Westbrook coming at you full speed with the ball in his hand and an expressionless mask. You weren’t going to take a charge before, you definitely won’t now. No, my friend, that’s not a Jabbawockeez, that’s a freight train. I’m all for this mask.

4. The Skeletor

skeletor mask

If you’re going to beat an opponent while wearing a mask, you might as well point out on the mask where you got injured. It’s like saying, “Yeah, I stole your girl, but let me also show you why your mom likes me too.” Plus, I grew up a fan of He-Man in my much younger years. By the power of Grey Skull.

5. No mask

westbrook thunder

The ultimate IDGAF move would be for Westbrook to come out with no mask and completely decimate whoever is in front of him. I don’t know about you, but I like this mask the best.

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