Thunder At A Glance – 03 December 2018

img_4063The Topic: Thunder podcast crew released another Weekly this past weekend, in which they preview the upcoming 3-game road trip, hand out quarterly season awards, and discuss the Andre Roberson setback.

Jon Hamm (Bleacher Report) on Oklahoma City and Russell Westbrook realizing that the reins needed to be released if the team was to be more successful: “In the 13 games Westbrook has played, he’s accounted for only 39 percent of the team’s assists. That number approached 50 percent in the previous two seasons. Surrendering the ball more often to George and Schroder makes the Thunder offense more dynamic.”

Dion Waiters out here saying what we’re all thinking. Lol! (You have to click on the picture)

Jimmy Do ( on Paul George’s bowling event for stroke victims and their families: “Another stroke survivor, young Jon Mance reflected on the unforgettable day that featured pizza, bowling, laser tag and family photos with one of the leading voices in stroke awareness in George. “I have a lot of hard days of adversity. It’s nice to be able to relax and enjoy seeing Paul George and talking to him,” said Mance. “I made some connections with other survivors. It was a good experience.”

Evan Dyal (Clutch Points) on Paul George becoming an even more complete player this season: “For the season George is averaging a career-high 24 points, 8.1 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game. All of these are career highs. He is only shooting 41% from the field, and 35% from three, part of that was the slow start, and part of that is handling a more significant load. George is shooting 20 times a game, a career-high, including nine threes a game (also a career high). It should be noted that OKC is a terrible shooting team, so as one of their only good shooters, George has the ultimate green light from deep.”

Maddie Lee (NewsOK) on Steven Adams being more of a facilitator this year: “The Thunder doesn’t set goals for the number of times they get a player the ball or types of shots the team takes, OKC coach Billy Donovan said Friday before the game. He thinks that hamstrings players’ ability to read the game. But the Thunder does track the number of times it touches the paint.”

Klay Thompson is a smart guy:

Maddie Lee (NewsOK) on Terrance Ferguson helping a family out during this holiday season: “As soon as I came in and I saw the little baby it just brought back my little girl inside my head,” he said. “It’s always a good thing to give back, and I want my daughter to grow up seeing me do this and hopefully she has the opportunity to do the same thing when she grows up.”

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