Thunder At A Glance – 31 August 2018

img_4063Erik Horne (NewsOK) on the Thunder waiving and stretching Kyle Singler: “By waiving Singler on Thursday, the Thunder beat the Friday deadline to use the stretch provision and have it apply to this season. The stretch provision allows the Thunder to stretch out Singler’s guaranteed money remaining over the next five seasons. The Thunder will have close to $1 million in dead money on its cap until the 2023-24 season, which should do minimal damage to its salary based on NBA salary cap projections.”

Ben Stinar (Amico Hoops) interviews Anthony Morrow who had some interesting things to say about Russell Westbrook: “Morrow also sees Westbrook as much more than just a point guard. “I used to tell (Westbrook) and people in the organization, that he really doesn’t have a position,” said Morrow, who finished 2017 with the Chicago Bulls but is now a free agent. “He’s really just a basketball player.”

Bruno Manrique (Clutch Points) on Westbrook being a bad closer when the Thunder are up (but a great closer when the Thunder are down): “Whether it is a rampant drive to the basket that winds up in a wild layup attempt or a heavily-contested pull-up from deep — Westbrook’s shot often ends up a brick, a reason of frustration for a lot of fans. Five of the last six in that list are guards, perhaps a testament that the perimeter game suffers when defense is intensified during the last few minutes of an NBA game.”

Paolo Uggetti (The Ringer) on whether we’ve seen the best the Thunder can offer on the court: “George has his money now, and a franchise that truly wants him. He didn’t exactly end last season on a high note, scoring only five points and shooting 2-for-16 from the field in the game in which the Jazz sent the Thunder home, and expectations will only grow with the new contract. The Thunder are betting that they haven’t yet seen the best of their second star. George has the potential to be the best player on this team on any given night—he has the scoring chops to be the team’s leading scorer, and has the size and savvy to guard just about every position in the league. It’s Westbrook’s squad, sure, but George’s two-way ability is the passcode that unlocks a different level of success for OKC.”

Paul George with a message for David West:

Virgil Villanueva (Clutch Points) on Josh Hart supposedly throwing away some PG’s: “And over the summer, he was spotted with Hart hanging out at a Fortnite tourney which led to speculation that George was about the sign with the Lakers. But as we all know by now, George signed a max deal worth $137 million for four years with the Thunder.”


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