Thunder At A Glance – 24 August 2018

img_4063Dan Feldman (NBC Sports) on the Thunder’s spending ways this offseason: “Oklahoma City is on pace to pay more than $93 million in luxury tax next season, which would be a record. Perhaps, the Thunder will stretch Kyle Singler. That could drop them below the $90 million-plus the Nets paid in luxury tax in 2014. But Oklahoma City is in the same range despite not nearing Brooklyn in market size.”

Shannon Sharpe (Fox Sports)on Russell Westbrook’s unfair reputation.

Jorge Sierra (Hoops Hype) with a season preview for the Thunder: “They are no longer an awful three-point shooting team, but 35.4 percent accuracy from beyond the arc is quite low for this era … Bad Russ, he of the bad shot selection and rushed decisions, can hurt the team … We saw too much of that in the last two postseasons, where Westbrook shot below 40 percent from the field … Great ball movement is not something that comes to mind when talking about Thunder basketball”

Cris Carter and Nick Wright (Fox Sports) discuss whether Westbrook is a top-5 player in the NBA.

Yams (Thunder Intentions) makes a case for Patrick Patterson to start at PF: “Coming into the season, Patterson was still recovering from an offseason knee procedure and, as a result, averaged a mere 15.5 minutes per game (MPG) last season. 2Pat only managed game averages of 3.9 points (PPG), 2.4 rebounds (RPG), 0.7 assists (APG), 0.6 steals (SPG), and 0.3 blocks (BPG). Outside of his SPG average, all of those numbers happen to be career-lows for the veteran power forward. All in all, it was a rather underwhelming year for Patterson.”

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