NTTB Rumblings – 10 May 2018

img_4063Royce Young (ESPN) on Paul George’s knee scope that occurred yesterday: “George dealt with knee soreness for much of last season, sitting out a game on Dec. 29 because of it. According to a press release, “the Thunder, George and his representation collectively determined” the procedure be done by Dr. Neal ElAttrache in Los Angeles, with Thunder medical personnel present.”

Jimmy Do ( on the Thunder opening up their 19th Thunder Cares court: “Our goal is to do courts across the state of Oklahoma. Ardmore was a place we wanted to get to and it worked out because our partner at Enable Midstream has a presence here,” said Christine Berney, vice president of community relations for the Thunder. “It’s a perfect match.”

Erik Horne and Brett Dawson (NewsOK) on George’s knee scope: “George sparked speculation about his procedure early Wednesday afternoon when he posted a picture to his Instagram in which he wore a hospital gown and cap under the caption “Good spirits.” Hours later, the Thunder confirmed the procedure was a successful knee scope.”

Lang Greene (Basketball Insiders) came to the defense of Carmelo Anthony: “While most in NBA fandom expect the transition to be easy, it is actually one of the toughest realizations for a player, especially a Hall of Fame player, to conclude. Players are sometimes the last to accept when they’ve lost a little bit of steam on their fastball and when it might be more beneficial to embrace a newer role. After all, this isn’t a video game. There are pride and ego aspects that come into play. Sometimes, the player is the last to know. Guys are used to being the man. They’re used to carrying the team. Their shear confidence in their own abilities often allowed them to defy the skeptics in order to get to the point where they are now.”

Brandon Johnson (All You Can Heat) on a possible trade destination for Anthony: “Miami is headed towards a beefy salary schedule with few proven leaders but has the resources to make space for Anthony. Should he opt-in, a package of Goran Dragic and Josh Richardson could entice the Thunder who have to consider another rebuild if Paul George flees. Less likely, Anthony could opt-out of his deal and sign a veteran minimum deal if joining Miami outweighed the potential for a huge payday in 2019 and beyond.”

Paolo Uggetti (The Ringer) on the Thunder’s upcoming offseason: “Is George a patient man? The answer might shape the futures of more than one NBA franchise. George, who has been rumored to be destined for Los Angeles next season since before he even got to Oklahoma, said earlier this season that he could see himself staying with the Thunder. And while OKC didn’t get very far with him, you could make the case that he and Westbrook will be better now that they’ve had a year to jell. There was no talk of a tug-of-war over the ball between Russ and George, like there was during the Kevin Durant era. Maybe a core of those two plus Steven Adams and a healthy Andre Roberson would be enough to make an impact in the West.”

Michael Grant (The Comeback) thinks Billy Donovan should be planning an exit strategy: “Donovan, who has two years remaining on his contract, will be the fall guy if things don’t improve. And there’s a good chance things won’t get better. Westbrook turns 30 this fall. His game doesn’t appear to be the kind that will age well. He relies so much on his athleticism but what will happen when he’s no longer the freakiest athlete on the court? The competition at the top of the West is fierce. Golden State and Houston are so far ahead of the rest of the conference. San Antonio could return to form if Kawhi Leonard and Spurs management mend fences. And Utah is trending up with emerging superstar Donovan Mitchell.”

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