NTTB Rumblings – 19 March 2018

img_4063Nick Gallo ( recaps the Thunder’s epic win in Toronto: “In a game like that, it’s always good to have the NBA’s most competitive, most relentless closer. Russell Westbrook took over down the stretch for the Thunder by scoring 17 of the team’s 19 points to close out the win, including a banked in jump shot from the left wing over Serge Ibaka with 11.7 seconds to go that made it a 4-point game. Prior to that, Westbrook continually attacked and got to his left hand, finishing with three layups going that direction in the final 3:18 of play after Toronto’s Kyle Lowry fouled out.”

Chris Thompson (Deadspin) on the impact Corey Brewer has had on the Thunder: “But this is as good a time as any to note that the Thunder are a truly fucking ridiculous 6-0 since they made Corey Brewer a starter. Corey Brewer. This was cute and funny when it was four straight, and three of the wins had come over Sacramento, Atlanta, and Phoenix, but it is no longer a laughing matter. Their last two wins have come over a desperate Clippers team and the NBA’s best home team. Again I want to stress that this was done while Corey Effing Brewerwas starting in their backcourt. He’s played more than 30 minutes in each of their last five games.”

Berry Tramel (NewsOK) on Carmelo Anthony terrorizing the Big 12 in the 2003 NCAA tournament: “Carmelo’s Syracuse Orangemen trailed Eddie Sutton’s Cowboys 27-10 in the NCAA Tournament’s Round of 32. Tony Allen and Melvin Sanders were playing bulldog defense on Carmelo and Sutton’s strategy had solved the Syracuse zone that for decades had and would befuddle teams in March.”

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) on how Corey Brewer’s genealogy may have impacted his career: “They say John William Rogan navigated Gallatin, Tenn., in a cart pulled by goats, and there are pictures to prove it. The 8-foot-9 Rogan died in 1905 and remains the tallest African-American man ever. He’s still the stuff of legend in Tennessee, where they’ve long told tales of his booming voice and playful personality.”

Dawson on Steven Adams’ great, yet painful day at the office: “Adams logged a physical day at the office in the Thunder’s 132-125 win against the Raptors on Sunday at Air Canada Centre. He tweaked an ankle in the first half and briefly left the court for treatment.”

Erik Horne (NewsOk) on Carmelo Anthony’s focus in this last part of the season: “As Carmelo Anthony was sitting on a 3-of-11 shooting night — the only Thunder starter without six or more field goals made — he could have pivoted into a tough, contested jump shot as Russell Westbrook fed him the ball in the post with two minutes left. But Anthony passed out of the double team, the ball swung, and Corey Brewer ended up with a 3-pointer.”


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